Aug 09 2011

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Fuck you Friday contest is on!!


Got together with my friend Tazer over there Twitterland and we brought down that gauntlet.  We’re both going to write a feature (that she was already doing) called Fuck You Friday . . . on Friday, ironically enough.

The challenge is, 1500 words by 3:00 pm EST or 12:00 pm PST . . . the post with the most “fucks” wins!

What do we win?  The respect and admiration of Kelley at Magneto Bold Too  . . . and me and Tazer get to share some readers!

No money will change hands.

As far as you know.

And since this was a last minute post, make sure you don’t miss the other one I wrote tonight, Please, God, tell me the mailman was actually my real father

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  1. tazer warrior princess

    Fucking aweesome fucking fuckety fuckballs. It doesn’t fucking even fucking matter who the fuck wins. Fuckballs. The fucking end. We’re gonna shut down the Blog World.

  2. Colin

    fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck joda joda joda joda joda joda joda joda joda que carajo joda joda joda fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck =)

  3. opticynicism

    See, Tazer, I got one o’ these assholes too. ^^^^^^^

    It’s ok. I know where he lives.

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