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Episode 3 – Top 20 Rules for Online Gaming

I’m revisiting an original post that was 11 years in the making, and to help me do it, I brought in my best bro and gaming buddy, Tom, to offer his advice and insight into this most important topic (to about 3 of you).  Whether you’re into it or not, the idea and the delivery …

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F@#$ You Friday! It’s going viral.

FUCK YOU FRIDAY IS HERE!! We’re big, we’re bad and we’re totally full of shit!  A couple of days ago, Tazer and I threw down the “Fuck you” gauntlet and she invited me to a showdown on her “Fuck You Friday” feature to see who could outfuck the other one. That’s totally not how that …

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The nut doesn’t fall far from the, uh . . . nut place

I’ve spent the last few days bashing my father and included a few other family members in yesterdays post, so I thought I’d turn the tables today and the point the finger at myself a little bit.  As much as I hate to ruin the vision of perfection that you all have of me (let …

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Top Twenty Tuesday for June 28, 2011

In the years that I have been writing for the entertainment of other people, I have come up with some pretty damn funny “Top 20” lists, so I thought this would be a great place to share some of them.  They will cover a wide range of subjects and some will be slightly less ‘office …

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