This post has a picture of boobies in it!


Ok, so I changed the look of the blog again.  Don’t worry, someday I’ll settle on something I like and everything will be in the exact place I want it and be easy to find and it will be perfect.

Today is not that day.

Although I would be quite pleased with the look of the last theme combined with the functionality of this one.

Or something with boobies on it.  “Click the nipple to see my Top 10 posts!”  It would be filled with awesome and I would be the first person ever to be banned from WordPress.  Then I’d get a FOX news interview with the Go The Fuck To Sleep children’s book guy talking about how we just say out loud what we’re thinking.  We’d then be countered by some other guy accusing us  of racism or terrorism or getting in the Express Lane with more than 20 items and I’d be controversial.  People would surf the net looking for archived screenshots of my boobie blog and I would be famous!

Breast implant or decorative ashtray?

Or on the Sex Offender Registry.  One of those.

I’ll just see if I can’t scrape up the cash to host myself and then beg my brother to show me how to set up the CSS to make it look like what I want.  Maybe I’ll just ask him what it should look like.  He’s the artsy one.  He can draw and play the guitar and create imagery and pee his name in the snow without misspelling it.  I got the writing skill, stellar good looks and genetic psychological disorders handed down from 6 generations.

I can pee my name in the snow without misspelling it too, but I have a hell of a time with the umlaut.  Takes some serious precision.

At any rate, all I really wanted to say is, let me know what you think of the design.  Don’t worry, you can’t hurt my feelings.  I’m pretty on the fence about it myself.  If you wanted to click the donate button over there and help a brother get a self hosted page, that’d be awesome too.  I’m taking it easy tonight . . . there’s work to do tomorrow and it comes early.

Side note:  Dad’s still pissed about the sandwich.


Facebook post of the day:

A win because the comptetion is lazy, is still a WIN! Seriously, thanks Carolyn.

8 thoughts on “This post has a picture of boobies in it!

  1. I eagerly read your post because you promised boobies. I was almost a lesbian for a minute waiting for them. I’d be disappointed if it weren’t the fact that you helped to prove that yes, it is true that one boobie is bigger than the other.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Christina! Sorry for the delay in my response. Somehow your comment went to the spam filter. I shall smack the WordPress Nazi’s with a deflated fake boobie for their stupidity. Your blog looks GREAT! I will follow and read more.

      . . . and I just found out you collect shot glasses too!

  2. Don’t worry Kitten, he dosent call me in the morning because he is funnier either. 😉
    I like the back ground, the style of font “opticynicism” is in, the accurate picture of you with your hands in your pants.
    I dont like the bar on the right side that has the donate and stuff in it, and the box the blog is in dosent really match up, to bright compared to the rest of the page.

    My $.02 very valuable cents. 😀

  3. I like the other way better, gave you that flossy bling bling I’M RICH BITCH look. Really don’t like this format because for some reason it is all over the place on the work computer. Post is at the top, side bar with donate is at the bottom of the page and my post that I’m typing runs out of th box across the screen.

    1. Maybe you need a better work computer. Tell your boss it doesn’t work well when you’re scopin’ the blogs and checkin’ out Facebook. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with companies nowadays not takin’ care of their people?!

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