The video blog, poorly executed


So this was a total experiment and I’m pretty sure it sucked, but I had to take a stab at it.  Either because I’m lazy and didn’t want to type, or I totally had nothing, I decided to make my post on video today.  Since so many of you have expressed your enjoyment of my posts about my father, I thought I’d do a little something with that.  So since he is out of town for the weekend, I raided his “Cave” and took you on a little tour.

Oh, and if you happen to be checking this out and you are my brother, totally don’t watch this while dad is down there visiting you this weekend.  😀



19 thoughts on “The video blog, poorly executed

  1. This, was, awesome.
    You totally look and sound like I thought you would.
    I approve of this format and I think 1 day a week should be video blog day. You know, kind of like top 20 Tuesday ……………. O wait ……….. :p

  2. If I had smell o vision I might try and contest the stinking comment, but interesting. I love the name on the door just to alleviate any confusion as to whether thats his man cave or not lol

    1. Not so much a “man cave”. Man cave is more defined as a place a guy wants to hang out with his buds, to drink beer and have fun and have pictures of titties on the wall and stuff like that. This place is evil and nobody wants to go there and the only things on the wall are things about how fabulous he is.

      and the gun rack.

      Funny, he thinks he’s a hunter. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with his head.

      . . . and I smelled like chocolate covered strawberries, motherfucker.

        1. HOLD UP!!!!!! Tom was there this weekend! And he also ate some chocolate too….just so you know, that is not chocolate covered strawberries scented “lotion”.

      1. Lmao!! I’ll have to take your word for it….although why you’d be using that perfume when presumably by yourself is perplexing lmao

    1. Thanks, Taz. Thought about that a long time and wasn’t sure I wanted to go that way, but my friends like it, which is nice. I think I’ll wait for general public opinion before I decide to do it again. My friends are biased.

      . . . and enjoy it when I make myself look silly, so we still can’t go by their opinion.

  3. Dug it! But I’m a little pissed that he stole my cheap ass desk chair. I’ll be expecting it back by noon, next Tuesday. Unless he’s leveled it. In which case, he can keep it.

    1. I’d believe that if I didn’t think that his attempt to make meth would turn out to be something else entirely. He’d change the recipe because “they’ve been doing it wrong and there is a way to do it cheaper”.

  4. I was totally going to leave a kick ass comment about how great I thought this particular experiment went for you but then noticed I’m on you fucking blog man! And then I was all Woohoo! The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here!
    Which would make more sense if we were talking about The Jerk and I was Navin R Johnson oh, and this was actually a phone book and not a blog. But whatever.

    Chocolate covered Strawberries? Really?

    1. LOL, You’ve been on there for a couple weeks, Christina . . . which makes me think you haven’t been around here in a couple weeks, Christina! *scowl*.

      . . .and chocolate covered strawberries are the bomb!

      1. I’m going to ignore the scowl right now and make it all about me again….it’s supposed to be *your* fucking blog…*your* *your* *your* now my spelling issue is taunting me! Dammit! See what I go through just to read your shit?

  5. What I can’t figure out is why you and your mom have not taken the opportunity to toss a mattress and a bucket in there while he’s out of town, and locked his ass in next time he disappears in there. Speaking of buckets….if he has an endless supply of beer and he spends all day down there….never mind. I don’t want to know.

    I hope to god you didn’t touch anything, or shed any skin particles or anything while you were in there. Cause you KNOW he’ll check.

  6. This was great. I’m a little freaked out at how much your voice sounds like my cousin’s (yes, one of my cousins who was in The Corps), but I’m trying to let that slide. Thanks for sharing because it does give the stories about your dad a little more flavor.

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