Thank you, Weather Channel!

Because you pretty much summed up everything I said in yesterdays post right here!  Pay CLOSE attention at around 0:42 . . .

(Thanks for posting this on Facebook, Melanie!)


Sums it up pretty nicely, don’t ya think?

5 thoughts on “Thank you, Weather Channel!

  1. Bwahahahhaha! Saw this on facebook in my feed this morning. I thought well, maybe cuz of his attire, the wind was so great, it took em down for him.. but no, at 2nd viewing, he definatly pulled em down himself when he was behind the reporter! >.<

    Oh, and btw.. loved your summary pre-Irene, and your facebook feed you posted. I LoL'd!

    1. Thanks, Meg! I only wish I had caught the report when it happened because I had that channel on most of the day. I’m glad someone else was paying attention. It definitely shows that those reporters need to lighten up. Caution is fine, but let’s not scare the hell out of people unnecessarily. I’m thinking New York is going to feel pretty silly in a couple days.

      And I will point and laugh.

  2. you betcha, babydoll! 😉

    man .. that shit was hilarious. nothing to do but just go with it, laugh like hell; otherwise, it’s like trying to stifle giggles in church. that poor guy, lol. did you hear the tool back in the studio? “you can see that those people just don’t know what’s coming ..” UGH!!

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