Ok, I’ve had a shitty day . . . or two

Seriously, I got nothing.  I’d describe it but it looks miniscule and my peeps make me look stupid.

… and they would be right to do so.

I have a post I’ve been working on but can’t focus.  I have my friends in my mind and I don’t forget them.  Yeah, I made fun of the hurricane, she was a bitch, fuck her.

Good bye Irene.

On the positive note, my son proved his worthiness in the “Waechter volume of comedy worthiness tonight”.  I love that kid.  Can’t imagine where he gets that sense of humor from.

That’s my boy!

15 thoughts on “Ok, I’ve had a shitty day . . . or two

  1. Like you told Greg.. you can’t be the comedian 24/7, you are a real person with a lot going on, and it’s expected that you’d have your ups & downs like anyone else. I hope things pick back up for you soon.

    1. Everything is going great, thanks Meg! It was just an “off” day and for some reason it seemed like everybody felt it. It really gets to me that it has such an effect on my wanting to write. You’d think when everything turns to shit you’d just want to sit down and vent it all out. In this case it was more that a bunch of little tiny things all happened at the same time and the effect was multiplied and I just ended up . . . . tired.

  2. I’m not really having a bang-up day either. The only thing I’ve done of note today is introduce myself to my husband’s colleagues at work with my shirt on inside out. I also hadn’t had a shower, or brushed my teeth–and did a poor job of covering for it by making reference to how early it was. It was like–8:30 am–really not that early if you’re an adult. Bad days go around…and get better.

    1. “Early” is relative. For an insomniac like myself, 8:30 is absurd, which didn’t work well not long ago when I was working for a company that wanted us there at 6:30 am sharp and generally kept us there until 7 at night. I’ve learned to live on 3 hours sleep a night, so much so that even when I don’t have anywhere I need to be, I still don’t sleep a whole lot more than that. Usually 5 hours is a long night.

  3. Sorry you’ve got a case of the shits. I should probably rephrase that. Sorry you have a sad panda face. In order to cheer you up, I will let you have my spot in our family vacation next week to Canada to visit my in-laws. My husband is a pretty decent guy and my kids aren’t teenagers yet so they have a few years before they reach the summit of Mount Asshat. Plus, it’s Canada. This is a country who refers to their police force as Mounties. How can a grand time not be had by all? There is no need to thank me. I’m always willing to pimp out my family to friends…or perfect strangers on the internet. Cheers!

  4. I feel you brother. Its hot as Hell down here in Texas, A/C is not working right(past 3 months electric bill has been over $300), apt. maintenance don’t know how to fix it, have a 16yr old girl in high school and a 13 yr old girl in middle school(in need of a shotgun…please help someone), and now my allergies are kicking in………..making lemonade:)

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