There’s taking offense and then there’s just plain crazy


A few nights ago, just before everything technology that I own rebelled against me and shut down, I was passed a tweet with a link in it by Kath.  (That link goes to her blog, but she has been around it much, visible by the fact that her last post announced the last of the Chilean miners making it to the surface.)  Kath seems to have moved more into the role of professional Retweeter and has done amazing things for my readership of the last couple of weeks, so for that I thank you, Kath.

She sent this link to both myself and to Jenny at TheBloggess because she wanted to see what we had to say about it.  First, the links:

My first impression of the first link was that it made me absolutely sick.  What I see there is nothing short of internet terrorism.  Death threats against a blogger?  Blogging, by its very nature is supposed to be about whatever we want it to be about, it’s up to us, the individual blogger to decide how we are going to present ourselves and ultimately it becomes an extension of ourselves.  Our blogs are as individual as we are.  It is no different than meeting a room full of people, or even walking through the mall.

There are people I like and people I don’t.  I get along well with certain personality types and not with others and the ones that I don’t, I just don’t hang out with.  The same goes for bloggers.  As far as that goes, there are even some bloggers that I like but they don’t write about things that interest me so I don’t follow them very closely.

But come on, people . . . hate crimes?!  For those people that fall into that category, this is what I have to say to you:

The “blogosphere” belongs to all of us that have chosen to reside in it and we follow a certain set of unwritten rules.  The first is that everyone and anyone is welcome to be in it and say what they feel and educate about what they wish.  We don’t judge each other for having different ideas or customs or whether they are male or female or gay or straight or politically motivated or completely apathetic.  We share what we want and we seek others within our group that share either similar ideas or different ideas that we may be interested in.  We develop friendships with these unseen people in our world and we communicate and we grow.  We often find other blogs that we don’t agree with or that talk about things that go against our belief systems.  We simply choose not to read them.

For those of you who have decided to target female bloggers simply because they are female, I am sad for you.  I will tell you that the female bloggers I have run across are without question, the best of the best.  Your hatred is ignorant and your threats bold when you post them on the internet.  You are no better than the tweens that make their way into the multiplayer gaming realm that shout racist and sexist remarks behind the safety of their bedrooms and their $20 headset.  You don’t have the confidence in yourselves and your views to stand behind your own merit and welcome opposing views.

The emotional intimidation you spread causing people to hide from threats that many times will never come is psychological terrorism.  For those of you that are motivated to actually leave and take some kind of violent action clearly have issues that run much deeper than plain hatred.  I don’t know where you are posting from or sending your threats from, but I’ll tell you where I am and where many of my fellow bloggers are . . . we’re in the United States of America.  We have the right to speak our minds and share our feelings whenever we wish and we stand behind it as a basic principle every time we sit down and write.  We stand behind it so strongly that we don’t complain when you exercise your right to it as well.

I am a man, and I am a man that served this country as a US Marine.  I made that choice because I believe there is no greater country in the world and I believe in the freedoms and privileges we get by living here.  Everyone here has the right to say and think and believe and worship as they want and NONE of us has the right to take any of those away from anyone else or attempt to frighten anyone into thinking that they may be wrong.  The women of this country are empowered to be and do whatever it is they wish to do and they are strong and worthy and quite frankly, will kick your ass.  Some of the best Marines I ever stood beside were female and I would trust them with my life in the field.

If you’re in my country and you don’t believe in the rights our women have, by all means, go.  Go to a country where the women are oppressed and made to be subservient, but know this when you go; those countries are getting fewer and farther between.  The women in those places see us, and they see what they can be capable of and there will only be so much more that they can take and they will rise and there will be nothing you can do to stop them when they do.

As bloggers, we will stick together and we will spread the word just as Naomi asked us to do in the first link I gave you.  This is my part and my contribution and I know that I will not be the only one.  You have your clearly unbalanced in the bunch and one way or another, you will get caught and you will be brought to justice for the terrors you spread.  There is no way you CAN’T get caught.  There are too many eyes out there watching, and we outnumber you.  We are all the same and yet all different.  We don’t all agree with each other and we don’t view things all the same way, but we do share that one basic idea that each and every one of us has the right to be here without fear of retribution.  We don’t need to always agree about everything, we only need to agree to respect each other.

We are strong, we are loud and we are here to stay.  These people are my friends even though I’ve never met them, I am a better human being for having them in my life.  When you attack them, you attack me and that pisses me off.

DON’T fuck with my girls.

We hear you, Naomi, and we’re here.

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21 thoughts on “There’s taking offense and then there’s just plain crazy

  1. You, my friend, are insanely incredible. I don’t understand the anonymous hatred towards those of us who choose to publicly speak our minds. I feel those who leave threats and really stupid commentary are the weak ones.

    Thank you.

  2. So sad to hear of internet bullying to the extreme. There are some really sick people out there, and it’s quite frightening. I worry as a mom for my girls, but rarely do I even consider my own safety when I post anything online. I mean, I’m a 41 year old mom, with a fairly boring & simple life. Why should I worry? But you see that people get attacked for things that get made up, because of the nutjobs in this world. Thank you for sharing the links, and trying to open more eyes & bring understanding.

    1. Somebody somewhere is always going to disagree with us, no matter how boring or simple our life may seem on the outside. Believe me, to see my daily life on a live video feed, you’d all fall asleep. It’s what is in our minds and hearts that we lay out on the page that gets targeted. I feel very honored and privileged that I have not been targeted at this point for hatred or angry comments or e mails, but I know it is only a matter of time before it happens. I also know that when it does, I have the confidence in myself to stand behind what I say and I have the confidence in the community around me to continue to stand strong. Thank you for stopping in, Meg!

  3. Wow, that is just plain insane. And very, very scary. What a shame that there is such hate in this world.

    I never worried about myself either when I posted anything. I didn’t even think of this type of ramification when I started blogging, but I suppose now that a few more people are coming over to check out my own boring life, maybe I should be. Thanks for posting this up.

    1. The internet can be a fantastic place and can accomplish amazing things in peoples lives, but we need to be aware that every Yin has a Yan, especially somewhere that ignorance and misinformation can spread just as easily as the good news, and sadly, it tends to spread faster. Don’t let it stop you from blogging. Don’t let them win.

  4. Holy. Shit. I had no idea that any of this was going on. The internet has blessed our merry band of bloggers with an amazing community and endless support, but it has also enabled faceless cowards to threaten the lives of strangers without fear of recrimination and because it gets them off on “power”. What should be powerless has ruined these people’s lives over nothing. Fiction becomes fact because we’ve read it on the internet. I feel such rage for the injustice done to these people.

    When did it become okay to do this? Because it’s online and because it’s “anonymous”?
    Because these people can’t actually find or hurt you? Yeah, they can. It should be no different than them standing on your front porch and pointing a weapon at you. A death threat is a death threat, regardless of the means of communication. I’ve been fortunate enough to stay off the radar of assholes and I’m eternally grateful for that. To all of those involved, I also offer a spare room and an arsenal of weapons.

  5. Thanks for your CONTINUED service. This might not seem like one of freedom’s ramparts, but it sure sounds like it to me.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I am ashamed of my sad little blog and I need to go write something, anything. 🙂

    1. You inspire others to write. Inspire it in yourself. You can do it. Own it. Don’t think about it, just write it. Let it write itself and don’t worry about grammar or typos or any of that shit. Just write it.

      Grammar Nazi yourself later.

      I’ve corrected this post three times.

  6. I wanted you to know, that after I read your links.. I went and finally made a 2nd post to my blog. I just felt like I *had* to write something, anything. It’s nothing short of stupidity, but at least I used my internet voice, rather than silence myself.

    1. It was actually pretty damned funny! It’s the weird little stuff in life that sometimes makes the best stories. I mean, seriously, I wrote 2000 words with pictures about a friggin’ refrigerator the other day!

  7. Thank you so much for reposting this! I saw that link earlier in the week and was completely disgusted as well! Your support of our country and EVERYONE’S rights is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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