I witnessed history, and now I’m gonna move. Again.

Before you start bitching about my lack of posting, shut it.  Life has been eventful and busy and I’ve just had way to much shit on my plate to make a post in a while.

That or I’ve had absolutely nothing to do and I’ve just been entirely unmotivated.

One of those.

I’m leaving Colorado.  Tomorrow morning at around 7 am.  I’m going to Tampa, FL.  In my car.

Hell yeah, it’s nuts and a hell of a long drive, but the Colorado chapter of my life has reached its end and it is time for my gypsy ass to move on.

Not that I have anything against Colorado.  The scenery in Colorado Springs is friggin’ gorgeous and you can’t really beat the weather.  You get all 4 distinct seasons, generally in the same afternoon, plus one extra season we call “devastating wildfire”.  I was here for 2 of them and both of those will go down in history.  The Waldo Canyon Fire actually got my son and I evacuated from my apartment.  For two weeks.  We didn’t know if we were going to have a home to come back to.  We were relieved to find that we did, which made the fact that we left in such a hurry that I left all the windows open and I had a half inch of ash on E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. much easier to swallow.  The neighborhood just across the road from me was literally flattened and there was nothing left but chimneys and foundations, so on the whole, we came out ahead.

I was also here for another historical event.  We legalized weed.  Not that it matters much to me because I don’t use the stuff.


Just sayin’.

Just knowing that if I wanted to, though, I can just go down the road and get some gives me a strange sense of comfort.  From a store, not a shady lookin’ fucker on the corner.  I don’t have to have glaucoma and a prescription.  I can just go get it.

Well, I can, up until tomorrow.

There are some opportunities in Tampa that I am going to take advantage of.  Opportunities I should have taken advantage a looooooooong freakin’ time ago, but I’ll go into those details later.  For now, I’m just letting you all know that I’m going to be doing some traveling over the next three days and I’m going to do my damndest to keep a good record of it as I go 1800 miles across seven states and three time zones with everything I own crammed into my ’07 Nissan Sentra.

It’ll be a blast I tells ya!

I SWEAR I’ll be better about posting on this thing once I get there too.  I mean it this time.  Again.  I’ll even try to make a brief post each night when I stop on the way, so if all goes as planned (and we know that ALWAYS happens) I’ll make a post tomorrow night from Dallas, TX and on Saturday from Mobile, AL.

On Sunday I plan on getting the rest of the way to Tampa and I’ll probably be tired and won’t want to post, but I’ll try anyway, but if I don’t don’t be mad.  And if you are mad . . . .



Facebook post of the day:

I think the bigger question here is, who wouldn’t? God Bless Colorado!

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  1. Since you’re going to be less than 4 hours from me, it’d be kinda great if you spent a few minutes telling me what’s up. Facebook, text message, phone call, whatever. I’d just like a little 411. 🙂

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