One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty One point Six miles later ….

It could say Timbuktoo, as long as it didn’t say “Dallas”.

and I have arrived in Tampa, Florida.

I have no climactic pictures to celebrate the occasion.  I’ll get those later.

It’s not technically Tampa.  I’m in Valrico.  Which is in Tampa.

So I’m in Tampa.

If you wanna mail me stuff, it’s Valrico.

If you wanna look at me on the map, it’s Tampa.

It’s hotter than hell.  It’s humid.  There are giant bugs here.  The AC doesn’t stop running.

Do you wanna know why it’s the greatest place on earth?

Because it’s not Texsucks.  And I don’t have to drive anymore.

Tomorrow, I may get out and explore and perhaps find a beach.  Or I may lay on the couch and not do a fucking thing all day.  Probably the couch thing.

Either way, I’m done.  That’s officially the longest road trip I’ve ever made and I’m not in any hurry to do another one.  This’ll be home for now.

Oh, and apparently my son heard my mom use the word “fuck” today.

I’ve never even heard that.

That made me giggle like a school girl.

I’m skipping FB post of the day once again not for lack of attempts, but because I just don’t feel like it.

That and D and Ash promised to do better.

Good night from the Sunshine state!

Fuck you, Texas.

I win.

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