This is the NEW new Opticynicism


The transition has been made and while some of you may still experience some problems over the next couple of days, the move has been made and the blog is no longer in the confining, clutching hands of

In truth, I’ve actually deactivated the site altogether.  Well, I didn’t deactivate it, I simply renamed it, which sort of solved the problem of people trying to come to this website and still getting redirected to the old one.

The upsides:

  • I can pretty much do whatever I want to with it now, without constraints
  • I can add a “Donate” button to the side of the blog which you may have noticed and I encourage you all to use.  Regularly and often.
  • I have more freedom with the themes, templates, colors and other such shit that most of you don’t worry about except when I keep changing it around.  Which I’m sure I will.  Again and again.  Because my therapist says I’m a perfectionist and I’m never fucking happy.
  • I told him I’d be happy with more drugs.  He’s thinking about it.
  • I’m still hilarious and my content won’t be changing and I may become even more badass.  Especially after you start buying my swag on Zazzle.
  • Bloggers that post comments on my posts now have the added benefit of CommentLove . . . which means nothing to the rest of you, but to my fellow bloggers, that shit is awesome.

The downsides:

  • At least at the moment, I no longer have a “subscriber” capability.  So those of you that got emails that let you know when I made a post won’t be getting those anymore.  I’m working on that and may have a solution in the near future.
  • The site is black and white because Denise fucking said so and as I’ve stated in previous posts, she’s kind of a pain in the ass.  If she wasn’t beautiful, I’d cut her off.
  • I don’t currently get to see how many visitors I get per day or a count of how many people have visited the site.  The last count I had when I left the account was around 16,700 visitors.  I’ll be starting over again from zero, but I’m working on a solution to that issue as well.
  • Now I gotta think up more shit to write about, but I’ve recently experienced the Florida DMV . . . several times, so there’s that.


I'm starting a collection.  I now have North Carolina, Michigan, Colorado and now Florida!
I’m starting a collection. I now have North Carolina, Michigan, Colorado and now Florida!

And in other news, Motel 6 finally made an attempt to appease me of my miserable stays in their less than adequate hotels by sending me a free night!!

In another one of their less than adequate hotels.

Motel6 001I should complain more.

Or less.

Either way, as the site begins to come back into shape, I’ll be keeping you updated.  Until then, look for my posts to appear on Facebook until I get the subscriber thing back up and running.

And for the love of God, pass the blog around and get me some readers!!!



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