Stuff is no longer broken

Like, totally my bad.
Like, totally my bad.

So I stayed up all fuckin’ night because I had no idea just HOW broken the blog was.

I also figured out that I’m the one that broke it.  Well, sorta.

At any rate, pretty much every image in every post that I made prior to last week was a broken link.  Which it wasn’t, to begin with when I originally switched to my own host.

There were no pics in any posts.  None.  Zero.

You see, when I imported the site, it brought most everything with it.  The problem was that the import failed a couple of times and I started again, which then put 3 copies of every image in my media folder and screwed everything up, which still would have been ok because the links still worked from the old WordPress site.

The old WordPress site, however, was still causing some peoples browsers to redirect back to it, which wouldn’t show them any new posts.

So, because I’m so goddamn smart, I disabled the old WordPress account (specifically, I changed the name of it so it couldn’t redirect to it anymore) and thereby killed all the still working image links.


So for the last many hours (It’s 10:00 am right now), I have been awake and going through every single post, one by one, from the very first one, re-linking all the pics.

Why was this so important?  Well because it drove my OCD insane that my blog was broken, and also I started a Tumblr account.  Why did I start a Tumblr account, you ask?

Fuck if I know, but apparently bloggers that want to get readers start Tumblr accounts, so pretty much everything I post here, also immediately posts there as well.  I can also share other peoples stuff on my Tumblr feed, so if Jenny or Noa does something particularly cool, I can add it to my posts there as well.  So it’s kind of a collection of my own shit and my favorite shit from other places too.  It also opens me up to a whole new audience of people who can check out my fabulous brain and share me with others as well.

To put it in simple terms, it’s pretty much Virtual Schmoozing.  Ya wanna get your name out there . . . put it the hell out there!

I’ve begged both Jenny and Noa to give me a mention somewhere and thus far at least, Jenny has followed me on Twitter.  Haven’t heard anything from Noa yet but I’m thinkin’ she took the weekend off and can ya really blame her?

I even wrote an email to George Takei to see if he’d give me a mention on his Facebook page or something, ’cause that dude’s got like 7 million followers.

I’ve still got some things to do.  I’ve changed my tagline for the logo because I want to get professional business cards done at some point and figured I’d better leave the word “fuck” off of it.  Or maybe just put it on the back.  I know the color issue has come up several times over the last few posts and I like them all but I’m thinking they are kind of strong and need to be toned back a bit and as my dear friend Ashley has pointed out, the boldness of the lettering has made the tag line difficult to read.

And she is absolutely correct and I have no choice but to concede to her when she bats her internet eyes at me.

Much thanks to all of you for your patience with my OCD, inability to stick to a decision and constant changes to the blog.  Your follows, likes, shares and comments have meant the world to me and all of it just makes me want to keep making this the best, funniest place you get to visit each day.

Thanks also to @jeanieblue114 for keeping me company until like 4 in the morning on Twitter last night while I trudged through relinking all those pics.  For those of you interested in all things Disney, check out her blog at The Princess Papers.

In the meantime, I’m pretty sure I’m done with this thing for the day.  Keep sharing the blog, Following me on Twitter, Liking me on Facebook, even check out the Tumblr page if you want (It’s pretty much just this, but different, but not much) . . .

. . . . and I still don’t have any pics of anyone painting that shit on the back window of their car yet!

I guess now I have to study up on Pinterest and Instagram because apparently that is some important blogger shit too.


Speaking of which, I’ve also added share buttons at the bottoms of all my posts so you can share my stuff on your accounts too.  USE ‘EM!

Oh, and if you do find any broken image links or links that don’t go to the right place, please use the Contact Me page up in the title menu and let me know what post it was on and what the problem was and I’ll fix it right away.

Or after a nap.

I leave you with a new Opticynicism Song of the Day as well.

Because I’m easy like Sunday morning.


Facebook post of the day goes to Ashley this time:

I'm kinda glad she doesn't write a blog . . . she'd kick my ass at it.
I’m kinda glad she doesn’t write a blog . . . she’d kick my ass at it.


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