The Opticynicism Jackshit Weekly Wrap-up


I’m going to try and keep it somewhat short tonight because I know I can get pretty wordy, particularly with the ineffectiveness of, as well as the absence of Valium.  I’ve only had one other person tell me that that was cool and that’s ’cause she’s pretty fuckin’ wordy too and also pretty cool, but we’ll get to all that right here because I’m going to start tonight with some more “new bloggers I’ve found” love.

Allow me for a moment to pull out my complete jumble of a notepad document . . . .

And by the way, all of these are (about to be, as soon as I finish this post) added to the sidebar:

I’ll start with my new wordy friend, @ComfyTownChroni and her awesome blog ComfyTown Chronicles.  Yeah, she wordy like me, but funny, relevant and pretty damned smart so I recommend going and checking out her work.

Now the appropriately inappropriate @its_really_nat had me ROFLing in her latest post about how to annoy the crap out of your teens/young adults with your screwed up, in your 40’s, way of text messaging.  This, of course, encouraged me to tumble through the rest of her blog and she never failed to disappoint, so by all means visit her at NATurally Inappropriate.

A combined effort of Cassandra and Momus (@TheNextDelusion) drew me in with a feature they like to call “Throwdown Thursday”.  Today the debated the value of allowing airplane seatbacks to be laid back, violating the lap of the person seated behind them.  The whole debate had me in tears (could have been the lack of Valium too, but it was still funny).  Further investigation of their blog The Next Delusion, didn’t disappoint me either.  Stop in and show them a little love.

The next one bought me on the title of the blog alone, and it describes the blog completely.  SO many of my friends will be able to relate and it is deliriously funny.  So definitely go check out People I Want To Punch In The Throat and find her on Twitter @Throat_Punch.

Finally, both a professional writer and personal blogger with an impressive resume’, be sure to stop in and check out Abby Has Issues.  She offered up some fine (and hilarious) writing and blogging advice in a post she wrote called Practical Classes for Writers.  Find her on Twitter as well @AbbyHasIssues.


I mean, how can you go wrong with humor like that?

Enjoy this new group of funny people I’ve collected for you, and of course, keep looking back here for more funny from me as well.

I was also thinking about adding a “Testimonial” section to my sidebar for all the great things people have said about me, but so far all I’ve got is @RavingPleb‘s incredible compliment that ended up being the title to my post yesterday. So if anyone has anything to add to make me feel better about myself, feel free to use my contact form . . . or leave a comment . . . or Tweet . . . or text me. Or maybe just send me a couple of Valium and we’ll call it good.

. . . .and now, the weekly summary because I may or may not take the weekend off from writing posts since most of you assholes will be out being all “Labor Day Weekend” and shit.

For the first time in three years, I actually wrote a post EVERY DAMN DAY this week.  In fact, I’ve done a post every day for the last 11 days straight which is definitely a record for me so maybe I ought to take a day off.  I won’t list them all because you managed to navigate your way here so I’ll assume you can find the rest, so I’ll just review this weeks posts:

As a bonus to all the new people I’ve met this week and all the love getting shared back and forth on Facebook, Twitter, etc I was also proud to look at my stats today and as of about 3 hours ago I actually more than DOUBLED the previous record I had for new visitors in a single day.  To some of you that won’t mean much, but to me it was huge and I thank each and every one of you that had a hand in that, so keep up the Facebook sharing, tweeting and retweeting and all that cool shit you do that sends people my way.  Thanks to @RavingPleb for the shout out she gave me on her last blog post too.  That was real cool.

Here’s the short news on all the other shit I bitched about this week:

I’m out of Valium, they’re not looking real inclined to give me anymore, the Celexa could take as long as 4 weeks to kick in and I’m feelin’ just a tad stabby.  By “just a tad” I mean “completely”.

Good note:  The paperwork that my dad had to sign and overnight to me today so I can start the title process did arrive.  Bad note:  He signed it in the wrong fucking place and now has to do it again.  So it’ll be Tuesday at a minimum before I can get anything done because apparently you people that have jobs need a goddamn Federal Holiday this weekend.

For those of you that have enjoyed Foxy Wine Pocket, she’s having a contest and it involves a song the she and her husband wrote about her missing nut bowl.

I have been a faithful user of Firefox as my browser for years.  I have been using Google Chrome lately and may be changing my mind, but I don’t trust my decision making skills at the moment, so who the hell knows what I’m gonna settle on.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I may get more job offers if I stop filling out the “why did you leave your last job” section with “because they were shitbags”.

Football season is about to start and I don’t give a flying fuck.  Yep, I’m one of “those” guys.

The cat is still a dick.

Thanks for hangin’ out with me this week everyone!!  LOVEYAMEANIT!!  (In the least “stabby” tone I could muster up)


Facebook post of the day goes, as one would generally expect, to my gorgeous friend Denise and also Happy Birthday, Deviant!!


10 thoughts on “The Opticynicism Jackshit Weekly Wrap-up

  1. Thanks so much for the blog love! Momus, of course, is concerned that we are not really that funny and people will be disappointed. There’s no “opti” in his cynicism.

    1. Ah, see, that is why your blog works. You ARE the “opti” in his cynicism! You are so very welcome. Keep up the awesome work!

      Thank you for stopping in and feeding my comment addiction. Keep coming back!

      (Now I sound like an AA meeting, sorry)

  2. Thank you my very verbose friend. I appreciate the kind words. I shall try to be worthy. It’s a lot of pressure, but I’ll do my best. Maybe hire an editor, who knows.

    1. “Do or do not. There is no try” -Yoda

      You’re already worthy, that’s why I shared the love! I thought about hiring an editor too, but nobody has that kinda time to read all my shit. I’d never be able to afford it.

      Bill Gates couldn’t afford it.

      . . . .and you are quite welcome!

  3. I am looking forward to checking out some these blogs when I get home from London and have proper and consistent internet access again. But damn it Waechter, I half wish I’d never given you that compliment now. Not because it’s not true but because it means I peaked too soon and everything I say from this point on is just going to be a huge disappointment to both of us! We might as well just start referring to it as “that one time when I was cool.”

    1. That will absolutely NOT be the case! lol Your writing is too good to ever be a disappointment and you will only grow and get cooler!

      My work is a disappointment to the people that I write about most of the time . . . at least the ones I talk shit about, and that is usually just because it is misunderstood humor.

      Or they’re actually a douche, in which case, yeah, I’m sure it is a disappointment.

      And please don’t refer to me by my last name anymore . . . It gives me flashbacks from being in the Marines.

      You will be cool and only get cooler!!

      “Make it so!” -Capt. Jean-Luc Picard
      (Having a weird, quote people from TV and movies day)

    1. Thank you, and so did I (yesterday I think). They’re not all blog hops but this week has been very productive in the “meeting new people” department since my re-entry back into the blog world. By all means, look through the older stuff (or just hit the Top 20 page up in the menu).

      Please keep stopping by and I visit everybody I list in that sidebar on a daily basis, so I’ll be around.

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