11 thoughts on “The new logo poll, don’t worry, you’ll hurt someone’s feelings, so you can’t win.

    1. Fixed, and we both feel like idiots.

      Well, I do.

      He’s British and is all like “well, if you had come up with and EASY name”, but he’s cool like that and I love him, so I let it slide.

  1. I didn’t vote because there was no option for indecisive people who looked at Logo 1 and thought, ‘I like that one.’ And then looked at Logo 2 and thought, ‘But I also like that one.’ Also, I can’t see the spelling mistake everyone is talking about… AM I DYSLEXIC?!?!

    1. You are not dyslexic, I fixed it. The second “c” in cynicism was an “s”. It has been repaired, so you’re not going crazy or anything. I’ll blame it on my London-ish friend who designed it and figured it was just one of those British things like how you guys add a “u” to “color” just to fuck with us Americans.

  2. Woah, dude, don’t even- We had the ‘u’ in there first and you guys just dropped it like a bad habit. Poor, unwanted little ‘u’. I am thrilled to hear I am not dyslexic or crazy though and have now voted!

  3. LOVE the new one. HATE the old one. The old one reminds me of some random ass skater kid and makes me want to sort of kick you in the balls. No offense, bro. The new one is fabulously eye-catching, modern and fun. Love it to death.

    1. Yes, the new one is the clear winner for everyone (Ok, so there are two people that are sad). So I guess this means that now I have to actually go make some shit to put in my store with the new logo since I’m gonna stick with it.

      Also, there’s the 500 business cards I already ordered that have the old logo on them. *sigh*

      And please, not in the balls.

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