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I hardly know where to begin because I am thrilled to have my very first guest poster, or posters, as it were!  In my recent quests to expand my “circle of peeps”, I came across Cassandra and Momus’ blog, The Next Delusion.  It’s unique in that they write it as a team and their back and forth banter never fail to entertain me.  One of my favorite features they do is called “Thursday Throwdown” and if you haven’t caught it up to this point, I highly recommend that you do.  I asked them to stop in today and tell us about themselves, their blog and how they do it.  Before I completely ruin it and tell you all about it myself and be wrong, I’ll let them get to it.

Ladies and gentlemen (he said ironically), welcome Cassandra and Momus!

Thanks so much to Eric for giving us here at The Next Delusion our very first guest blogging opportunity! The Next Delusion is a humor blog written by Cassandra and Momus. Eric has asked us to tell you a little bit about ourselves, our blog, and our blogging process.  And away we go….

The Obligatory About Us Section

Cassandra: I’m a middle-aged divorced mom of two kids (19 and 11) who has somehow found myself working with numbers all day.  I hate numbers.  Numbers hate me. Somehow I muddle through, while dreaming of a less soul-killing way to live my life.

Momus: Feels like we’re speed dating, but I’m game. I’m also divorced with two daughters (ages 14 and 11).  I both embrace (coaching my daughters’ basketball and soccer teams) and am repelled by (eating at Not Your Average Joe’s because that is one of few options in town) many aspects of suburban life. My favorite fruits are grapes and oranges.  The rest of my life is not as interesting as my fruit choices.

Cassandra: Completely untrue!  Your life is way more interesting than an orange (although it trails grapes by a considerable margin).


Our Blog and How it Came to Be

Cassandra: The blog is just the latest in a long series of delusional projects that Momus and I have taken on over the years, from a trivia company for class reunions, to writing articles about the NBA draft, to designing greeting cards for sarcastic people.  Our Next Delusion is that we will find our creative muse, make some people laugh, and become multi-millionaires, allowing us to retire from our current profession and travel the world playing poker. Seems reasonable.

Momus: We were also spending way too much time surfing On Demand options and were afraid we’d start watching Longmire again. Despite our shared affection for Katee Sackoff, that’s a bridge too far.  It was time to use our spare hours in a more meaningful way.

Cassandra: Right. That too.  We originally had some lofty goals for the blog, imagining that we would share information, review books that we’d read, and explore philosophies of life. We even started with a feature called Trivia Monday, hoping to edify and amuse others through humorously written trivia questions. I think we got a grand total of 10 views across 6 Trivia Mondays before we shelved that idea.

Momus: It’s always disconcerting when you realize you are not smart enough for your own ideas. Luckily, I am growing accustomed to that state.

(Eric's Note:  A fine example of their work!)
(Eric’s Note: A fine example of their work!) Click to make it bigger.


Our “Process” (that sounds way more structured than it actually is)

Cassandra: So the general idea is that we publish three times a week.  One of us posts on Monday, the other on Wednesday, and then we do our Throwdown Thursdays (where we thoughtfully discuss important topics such as The Knee Defender). We’re all about alliteration here at TND.

Our topics are generally whatever we think of at the moment.  Although each of us has a running list of “oh, I’ve got to post about THAT one sometime” stories.

Momus: My general motivation to post is that Cassandra will kick my ass if I don’t make my deadline. In general, if I did not have Cassandra and deadlines in my life, the paucity of my accomplishments would approach Paris Hilton levels. So my personal creative process is largely fear-based, which I think for any decent writer, or person really, is the way it should be. FDR did “fear itself” a disservice. Without fear, most of humanity would be eating Cheerios with chocolate syrup all day while watching a Three’s Company marathon.

Cassandra: It’s all about structure.  Momus fears me and I fear the cataclysmic implosion that will surely result of missing a completely arbitrary deadline. If we miss a post on Wednesday we will surely devolve into complete chaos. The next thing you know, the site will be shuttered and we’ll be back on the couch watching Longmire.



Throwdown Thursday

Cassandra: Throwdown Thursday is quickly becoming our core feature. For some reason people seem to like to watch us bicker.  We’ve found this to be true in the real world as well. Basically, whoever has the time, inspiration, or motivation starts us off (i.e. me, because Momus is usually busy perfecting procrastination by searching the Internet for NBA trade rumors) and then we shout across the 3 feet between our desks “Back at ya” and the other one takes over the thread. And back and forth it goes.

Momus: My goal with most Throwdowns is to see how far can I push things to tweak Cassandra before she threatens to withhold sex for a week. Then I calculate the ratio: How Funny I Think It Is /How Horny I Am and decide whether to write it. Ultimately, if I think it is funny enough, it just does not matter what the denominator is. Luckily Cassandra’s threshold for acceptable tweaking is pretty high, so she’s not likely to freeze me out for long.

Cassandra: You think he kids.  He does not kid. This is what I live with.


I’ll say again, do not miss the opportunity to stop in at The Next Delusion!  I will miss work before I will miss Throwdown Thursday, mostly because I won’t be sad if I miss work.  So stop in, read and leave them some comments.  Give a like to their Facebook Page and, of course, follow them both on Twitter:  @TheNextDelusion and @Momus83

And Momus, we’re totally square on that “bacon/swiss burger through the nose” thing.

Thank you!!

Tweets of the Day from Momus and Cassandra . . . of course!



8 thoughts on “The Next Delusion – My First Guest Post

  1. ooohhh….I love this. I’m such a voyeur..I love getting personal glimpses into people’s lives.

    And I think you’re both incredibly interesting. 🙂

  2. I wish I could be a fly on the wall during your Throwdown Thursdays! And I totally agree that Longmire is an excellent gage of non-productivity and/or malaise.

  3. I HEART HEART HEART Cassandra and Momus (and am in NO WAY swayed by my various connections to Cassandra–I was a fan before all that!) Listening (reading) to other couples bicker about various topics is right at home. Love. And thanks to Eric for widening the audience of people who can love them too! Love for everyone!

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