Boy’s Kitchen Teaser and a Fun Game



It’s almost that time folks!  The deed went down tonight and it was every bit the disappointment we thought it would be.

Well, for The Boy anyway.

I’ll be writing the full post on it tomorrow night, after I’ve had time to compose myself and recover from the food poisoning.  

But I’ll leave you with a couple of things just to get you ready for the event.  Since it is no longer a secret, here is the recipe we left him with:

Click it to embiggerate it so you can read it if you want.  Looks like it would be pretty good if I made it.
Click it to embiggerate it so you can read it if you want. Looks like it would be pretty good if I made it.

. . . and this is how the evening began:


This is called the “if I stand here with all the doors open, the stuff I need will just jump out into my face” preparatory method.  So while Liz cut him some slack and let him have an actual recipe to follow, we didn’t put all the food neatly on the counter for him to work with.  He had to *GASP* go find it himself.

Everything he needed was in there.

-ish *evil laugh*

That’s all you’re gettin’ on that for tonight.

On a similar note, as you can all see with your own eyes, Liz’s weekend in New Orleans went well because they Johnny Depp’d a hotel room and apparently flirted with a couple of felonies.


Lastly for tonight (Yes, this post is going to be less than 1000 words for a change) I want to get you all involved in a little game I started on Twitter today.  It’s called #myidiotcoworker.

You all have them.  You know you do.  So join me, will you.  Feel free to leave yours in the comments, tag me with them (if you have room) on Twitter, whatever, but let me hear from you about the stupid shit your coworkers do.  I’ll start you off with a few of my tweets from today . . . .







There, that should give you some stuff to get started with.  Use the hashtag, tag me if you can and have fun with it.  When I get a whole bunch of them, I’ll scrape ’em all up and put them together into one post and we can all get a laugh at other peoples expense.

Because that’s how we roll.

So until tomorrow night, peoples. . . PEACE!!


Tweet of the Day . . . for all you mothers out there.

I mean the ones that gave birth to children . . .


6 thoughts on “Boy’s Kitchen Teaser and a Fun Game

    1. Honestly, I’ve got to the point where I don’t even react anymore. Funny part is, my bosses know it and now when he does something particularly stupid, I just put my hand over my mouth and walk out of the room and I can hear them trying not to laugh on my way out.

      On the upside, now when they ask me if I want help, they respect me when I say no. They laugh, but they respect me.

  1. embiggerate may be the best invented word ever.

    I wish you patience with idiot co-worker. I generally want to punch people that stupid in the face when they affect my job. Instead I just generally end up ranting about them to the nearest human.

    1. I rant to the bosses about him on a regular basis, not that I need to because they see it too. Fortunately (for me), I’m fairly certain his future with us is bleak.

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