A SHOT. IN MAH . . . . ‘Murica.


I get to meet a lot of really cool people whilst taking part in this little blogger (read: not so little) and the last couple of weeks have been no exception.  In fact I met a whole group of ’em.  They are known to the rest of the world as The Sisterwives and they have banded together to support, encourage and generally battle douchebaggery in numbers so they are assured of continued victory.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting to know them as a group as well as individuals and I can’t help but adore every single one of them.  Last week, as many of you already know, they invited me to be a part of the lighter side of their blog and included me in their “What’s Buggin’ You -He Said Edition” post.  It was a lot of fun, I met even more people, had some more visitors to my little home here and found some other homes to visit as well.   I fact, so many I haven’t even got to them all yet.  They have welcomed me in as a friend despite the fact that I am a male and made me feel very comfortable.

That said, I fully expect to be boiled and sacrificed at any time now.

By now you’ve probably heard me mention Lizzi, Samara, Sandy and some others.  There are nine of them in total but if you include their following it is MUCH stronger than nine and I’d never be able to mention them all.  So every now and again I’m going to pick on one of them until I have pointed them all out.

That should keep me busy for a while.  In case you got linked directly here, I’ve already have Lizzi featured as my “Blog of the Week” on my home page, so be sure to check that out.

Today however, I’m going to pick on one that I haven’t mentioned as of yet.  Enter Beth Teliho.  Why Beth?  Because she made a post last week that had everybody talking.  It made me get all funky all up in my Zazzle Store too.  So without further ado, let me direct you to one of the FUNNIEST posts I’ve read in a while, and ladies, if you’re squeamish, consider yourself warned.  It’s short, but it is to the point and freakin’ hysterical.  I’m also pretty sure she’s started a movement.  So ladies and gents, welcome to Beth’s Bush!

er . . . I mean . . . Bush Talk With Beth

Go ahead, read it, then come back.  I won’t go anywhere.

Awesome, amIright?

If you’re as smart as I think you are, you scrolled through the 100+ comments after it too.

If you’re awesome, you left a comment.

Either way, the whole thing kind of exploded all over Facebook and Twitter and just went 9 kinds of wrong (the fun way) in some of our Facebook posts.  At some point, prompted by one of Samara’s comments, I submitted this for their approval, which they clearly approved of because Samara immediately made it a Facebook post:


I’m all inimitable ‘n shit!


Unfortunately, I was only able to make the image because Zazzle has found it in their infinite wisdom to NOT have shot glasses.  Soooo, I had to go for the next best thing, which I am happy to report, Beth immediately bought.  So can you if you want to but if the demand gets high we’re gonna make Beth a store because I have no excuse to profit off this.  So if you’re interested, check one of these out:



That said, I’m still workin’ on the shot glass.  If it can be done without costing more than it will make, I’ll find a way.

Samara has also asked if I could make footie pajamas with the design in the crotch.  To answer Samara’s question, yes, I can, but at this point it would be cheaper for me to fly up to her house (in First Class) and hand paint it on her existing footie pajamas.

Be forewarned, Samara, I haven’t ruled that out.

At any rate, go check out the rest of Beth’s work and leave her some comments.

I’ll be back tomorrow to make fun of somebody I found on Twitter over the weekend, because it HAS to be done.

Or maybe Wednesday, because tomorrow is Sons of Anarchy night.  We shall see.


Facebook Post of pretty much EVER comes from Denise, yet again.  It’s just filled with so much win . . . and lose.



13 thoughts on “A SHOT. IN MAH . . . . ‘Murica.

  1. This. Is. Awesome.

    You’re amazing to say such lovely things about the sisterwives, and I’m over-the-moon that you pimped me and my blog!!! Whaaaat? How exciting and cool!

    I was snuggled in bed and decided to make sure my phone was muted. When I opened it, I see this tweet that says something like “come read about Beth’s Bush” and I knew….ERIC. hahaha Again, you’ve made me smile huge. Thanks for the honor and for the shout out.

  2. *grins* This just made me laugh HUGE, first thing in the morning (no mean feat) and I’m still sat here grinning. This. Is. Awesome.

    Thank you so much for featuring Sisterwives and saying nice things about us – the good thing is, in spite of the (seemingly exclusive) moniker, we really value and encourage men to participate both with the site and with the support, so there’s that. You’re a good fit for it.

    And yes – I realise that probably most of that latter part of the paragraph could be read two ways. Or done two ways. Or maybe I did it both ways but WHATEVER!

    Apparently it’s one of *those* mornings. Or maybe it’s you…

    ANYWAY! Your ‘Beth’ merchandise is fabulous, and if I drank, I’d buy one – LIKE A SHOT! (*groan*)

    LOVE that you featured my darling BlogWife. She deserves every bit of your accolade 🙂

    1. Double entendre is what we all live for, that and comments from Lizzi, because awesome ensues. We need to convince Beth open up a store so we can release a whole line of “SHOT IN MAH VAG” merchandise. She’s lucky to have found a catch phrase that works.

      I’m still looking for one. I don’t think “Stay-Puft pissed himself” is gonna fly.

  3. Also, I should remember my manners and thank you HUGE for featuring me as your blogger of the week – a thing which I’ve been too dumb to find on your homepage so far, but THANK YOU 🙂

  4. What a way to start the morning! I love this and agree that there really is nobody quite like Beth. Lizzi, of course, is one of my fave people on the planet! So glad we managed to get you on the blog and all of you guys did such an amazing job.
    I have to tell you that I will now require you to do a ‘search terms’ post sometime in the future because using vaginas as a tag is gonna bring in the crazies.
    This blogging gig has made me some incredible friends near and far and I’m thrilled that I can now count you as one of them, Eric. If nothing else, you love middle aged women in Nirvana tees (in my defense, the light was horrific!) and nothing…NOTHING….happens at 10pm on Tuesday nights because SOA, baby!

    1. Hey, anybody can be hot all dressed up and made up and all that, but jeans and t-shirts for chillin’ at the house is where it’s at! Especially for some serious Sons watchin’.

      Hope when Lizzi comes around to our side of the Atlantic that Beth will stop by too. I’m huggin’ farts out of everybody!

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