We have a WEINER!! I mean, winner . . .

Alanna winner face

Yes, ladies and gents, with Denise’s help and 700 miles between her and the voting ballots, she picked one at random and we have a winner of the myChargeCheer portable phone charger giveaway and yep, that pic wasn’t chosen by accident!!  Alanna of White Girls Be Like . . . !!

So give her a congratulatory shout out, go visit her blog, read the interview I did with her last week and enjoy.


In other news . . . this happened on Thursday:


Yes, the State of Florida finally sent me my personalized tag.  My Photoshop version was better.

And centered.

But honestly, I should be thankful they spelled it right.

And why in the FUCK they couldn’t have used that space to allow me to add an “I”, I’ll never know.

Oh well.  I’m now representin’.

Workin’ on a longer blog post for tomorrow night . . . so I’ll be back!!

Facebook Post of the Day . . . probably the funniest shit I have seen in a long time and even funnier than the post itself was Jade’s comment.  You all know Jade as The Raving Pleb (AKA: The wickedly awesome, but ODDLY ABSENT blogger –  That’s a hint, Jade!!)  This shit is hysterical . . . enjoy!!



8 thoughts on “We have a WEINER!! I mean, winner . . .

  1. High five on the plates! And I am loving the pic of Alanna! Haha! As for the facebook post, thank you very much but the credit goes to the brave face-sitting protestors in London. Without them, I would be nothing. Yes, I know I’ve been absent. I’ve been a bit down for a while and didn’t want to bore the internet with tales of me hating life and mumbling death threats at people in good moods! I’m working on it though 😉

    1. You misunderstand the theraputic value of the blog!! Bitch, moan, whine and be a general pain in the ass . . . and then we all swoop in and make you feel better. It’s how we roll.

      Hope to see you back soon, Jade!

  2. Awesome license plate! Couldn’t have made a better one myself. Mostly because I’m not in prison. Anymore.
    I LOVE that post about the protest, and Jade’s comment. Too funny! Sad that had to happen, porn should never be censored. I think Thomas Jefferson said that. Wise man.

  3. P.S. I would like to take this time to thank you, blogger (me, kind of) to blogger (you, definitely,) for setting up your links to open in ANOTHER WINDOW so that I can click right away and not forget, and keep reading your post to the end. Where I found ANOTHER link to click! One-stop blog shoppin. Thanks, brah.

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