A short update


I have been trying to move some things along and hopefully I’ll get somewhere because of the message I sent to my Congressman.  At least that is what I hope has been the fire that has been lit.  I spoke with the Congressman’s office today and I was assured that the paperwork that was supposed to go where it was supposed to go has been sped up to its destination.

I’ve attempted to contact my shrink today to make another appointment for tomorrow and I haven’t heard back from him today, but he has been good about checking up on me so I feel confident I’ll hear from him tomorrow.

I’ve also received two phone calls from Human Resources.  One of them did not turn out to well as it ended in a bit of a screaming match and my frustration about unqualified people deciding who is qualified for jobs they are unqualified for was made more than clear.  At one point she made a statement about how “that is just how things work with Human Resources and the hiring process”.  To which she was told that it does in fact NOT work at all.  People need work, the hospital needs people to work and NOTHING happens to take care of either of those issues.  Jobs remain unfilled, people remain unemployed and the hospital does nothing but NOT spend money to help take care of the veterans as they should be.

Ok, so that was the bad phone call.

I was called by another member of HR yesterday.  Someone much more menial to my frustrations and offered to help me with my resume to make it work for where I want to get into.  I still may end up pushing a broom, but it will get me in the door and will allow me to transfer to a better position within 90 days.  My only reason for being hesitant about this phone call is that this is the same individual that told me I wasn’t qualified to push a broom because I wasn’t a veteran from “the right time”.  I will speak with him tomorrow and see where it goes.

I’m past the DT’s and still living not where I should be, but the fight is back in me and we’re going to make every effort to get back on track.

Here’s hoping that actually writing your Congressman gets something done.

I’ve been trying to communicate with Denise better and keep her up to date.  I only hope that I can repair that as well.

I still will not let them win.

And I thank you all for following along this miserable tale and for all the words of support you’ve all given me.  There is no greater community in the world than that of my friends, family and fellow bloggers.  You are all amazing people.


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