I’m not wearing pants in this video



About 4 years ago, I ventured into unfamiliar waters and published my first ever video blog post, or vlog as it has come to be known.

It wasn’t great.

Which probably explains why I have waited 4 years before trying it again, except this time with some editing and shit.

It probably still isn’t great.

But I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Be gentle.


Tell me in the comments if you want more.


Don’t be a dick.

7 thoughts on “I’m not wearing pants in this video

  1. Well that was fun and different. 🙂 I bet that was fun playing around with the editing. And you know you’ll only get better at it, friend.

  2. OK, here’s me not being a dick…

    It was really fun getting to see you “live”, and there were some very funny parts. It’s still a little rough–as you warned us it would be–but there’s definitely a lot of potential there. However, if you decide to vlog instead of blog I will NEVER forgive you. Not ’cause the vlog isn’t good–it’s just that your writing is so damn funny.

    I’m up for more, provided it’s in addition to your blog. And maybe choosing a better frame for the opening shot would encourage more people to hit the play button.

    1. P.S. When you combine that vlog photo with your insistence that you aren’t wearing pants, it may imply that the content of the video is of a very different nature than what I think you’re going for. So to speak.

    2. 1) No, I have no intention of not writing anymore. That is my home and where I am most comfortable, so if anything comes of the vlogging phenomenon, I will most likely open it up as a separate website.

      2) If there is an option where I actually get to choose which frame shows up in the preview image, I missed it. I will look again when I get home and can get more than the mobile site. Had I the option of picking the frame, that would not have been it.

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