Interview with Alanna from White Girls Be Like . . .


I’ve been thinking for a while that I want to start doing some interviews with some of the cool people I’ve met out here, and maybe help out some of the newer bloggers get themselves spread around a bit.  Yeah, I don’t have a great big “blogger reach” or anything, but everything helps, right? Read the rest . . .

A SHOT. IN MAH . . . . ‘Murica.


I get to meet a lot of really cool people whilst taking part in this little blogger (read: not so little) and the last couple of weeks have been no exception.  In fact I met a whole group of ’em.  They are known to the rest of the world as The Sisterwives and they have banded together to support, encourage and generally battle douchebaggery in numbers so they are assured of continued victory. Read the rest . . .

Friday Night Twitter: The Red Light District


I promised you a post involving The Boy and what we are going to make him cook.  I’m not going to back out of that promise, but I am going to be postponing it until Tuesday.  Plans kind of changed this week and it became a necessity to delay the event until Monday night, but it’s okay.  We’re not going to let him skate that easily.  Instead, everyone is away this weekend but me.  Liz is taking a much needed break and has gone off to Louisiana to attend the LSU game and let her friend get her drunk and make her feel better.  Her shitty Thursday was so shitty that it actually infected Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with its shittiness, so she needed the break.  Girl and Boy are also away for the weekend doing their Girl and Boy things, which left me alone in the house for a couple days.  So I started off the weekend with what people of my age do on a Friday night with the house to themselves. Read the rest . . .

The Next Delusion – My First Guest Post

I hardly know where to begin because I am thrilled to have my very first guest poster, or posters, as it were!  In my recent quests to expand my “circle of peeps”, I came across Cassandra and Momus’ blog, The Next Delusion.  It’s unique in that they write it as a team and their back and forth banter never fail to entertain me.  One of my favorite features they do is called “Thursday Throwdown” and if you haven’t caught it up to this point, I highly recommend that you do.  I asked them to stop in today and tell us about themselves, their blog and how they do it.  Before I completely ruin it and tell you all about it myself and be wrong, I’ll let them get to it.

Ladies and gentlemen (he said ironically), welcome Cassandra and Momus! Read the rest . . .

Random Sunday Leftovers – AKA: Pre-Work Brain Purge

flush shit


You folks are awesome.  No, seriously.  You are.  After last nights post I got retweets and favorites and new followers and the reader stats for the blog were actually pretty phenomenal when compared to other weekends.  Weekend stats tend to suck.  Weekday stats rule because you are all at work trying not to work, so that’s good stuff.

So here is the leftover random shit so I can start my week fresh. Read the rest . . .

Saturday Random Shit AKA: Bloggers-Block ADD

This coincides with my brother's theory that pickles are just cucumbers soaked in evil.
This coincides with my brother’s theory that pickles are just cucumbers soaked in evil.

Saturday.  Day off.  Day of rest.  I ignored my therapist and slept til 1:00 today.

To all the parents and mom and dad bloggers out there that read, it was AWESOME!  You’re welcome.

My brilliant idea for the weekend was to write 3 or 4 posts and save them in draft so I’d have some stuff “in the queue” to post during the week when I get home from work and don’t feel like doing shit.  The problem is that I wound up with bloggers block and couldn’t think of one good idea for a post today, but I could think of about 1000 things that were just randomly funny but didn’t warrant an entire blog. Read the rest . . .

The CandiedSkull Legacy and its total weirdness


I made yet another friend on Twitter today, and ordinarily I’d wait to do another “blogger love” post to give props to her but our conversation there was relevant to today’s post, so I’ll go ahead and introduce @qwertygirl now.  She has a great blog called Orange and Silver.  I saw the word “Orange” and didn’t get any farther and immediately assumed it was a blog about “Orange is the New Black” and that I was going to be inundated with pics of naked lesbian love scenes so I got all excited.  I was wrong and disappointed about that but as it turned out she’s funny and insightful and (and this is where our blogger platonic love story began) not at a loss for words.  Much like myself, she seems to believe that if your post is less than 2000 words, well then it’s just not finished. Read the rest . . .

Some DMV Success – I know, it sounds like an oxymoron to me too

jackshit 013title

I took a couple days off from writing.  I probably needed the break.

More importantly, you probably needed the break.

So I did a whole bunch of nothing on Sunday and Monday we went to a new friends house for some Labor Day barbecuin’.  Well, new friends to me – Liz has known them forever.  Now we have a fridge full of leftover chicken, ribs, sausage, potato salad and some other stuff.  I think we’re good in the food department for a few days.

Then there was today.  It started kind of early, but I had ALL of my shit together to go to the DMV and (fingers crossed) get that much sought after 10 day tag.  I carefully went through my stack of paperwork to make sure everything was in order and caught a ride over to the office. Read the rest . . .

The Opticynicism Jackshit Weekly Wrap-up


I’m going to try and keep it somewhat short tonight because I know I can get pretty wordy, particularly with the ineffectiveness of, as well as the absence of Valium.  I’ve only had one other person tell me that that was cool and that’s ’cause she’s pretty fuckin’ wordy too and also pretty cool, but we’ll get to all that right here because I’m going to start tonight with some more “new bloggers I’ve found” love.

Allow me for a moment to pull out my complete jumble of a notepad document . . . . Read the rest . . .