“All I got in this world is my balls and my word and I don’t break either of ’em for nobody!”



To my regular readers, I’m sure you immediately noticed the change in the layout of the blog.  You can blame yesterdays post on that.  It was a really image intensive post and pretty much nothing I did with it made me happy as far as the layout of the pics, and the fact that the larger pics got cut off on the sides pissed me off.  I needed something that had a wider content space.  I got an email from WordPress not long ago about one of their “new” themes and it caught my eye.  This would be it.  The more I look at it, the more I like it better.

The header image, well, that is still up in the air.  I’ll come to a permanent decision on that pretty much never.  This is why I made it through the Marine Corps and 42 years of life without ever getting a tattoo.  I can’t make a decision on anything I want that’s permanent, and this blog is young, so I foresee many changes coming in the future. Read the rest . . .

Deadliest Swamp Hoarders 3000

Balancing Rock, Omak Lake, Washington

I gotta make this quick ’cause Swamp People is on.  I love me some Swamp People.  Someday, if I ever get a vacation again, I want to spend it with Troy Landry and go catch me some “gatahs”.  These guys are a real special kind of hunter.  They catch these 500 – 800 pound beasts with some rotten chicken on a little tiny rope and shoot them in the head while the gators are spinning uncontrollably.  I’m thinkin’ it would be easier to catch elephants with a butterfly net and a tire iron. Read the rest . . .