The CandiedSkull Legacy and its total weirdness


I made yet another friend on Twitter today, and ordinarily I’d wait to do another “blogger love” post to give props to her but our conversation there was relevant to today’s post, so I’ll go ahead and introduce @qwertygirl now.  She has a great blog called Orange and Silver.  I saw the word “Orange” and didn’t get any farther and immediately assumed it was a blog about “Orange is the New Black” and that I was going to be inundated with pics of naked lesbian love scenes so I got all excited.  I was wrong and disappointed about that but as it turned out she’s funny and insightful and (and this is where our blogger platonic love story began) not at a loss for words.  Much like myself, she seems to believe that if your post is less than 2000 words, well then it’s just not finished. Read the rest . . .

Rumination with LEGO’s

legos poster

I get the privilege for the next week of having my 6 year old nephew around with us.  Every summer for the last couple of years, he has come up to the mountains because he enjoys the time here and it gives my brother and sister-in-law a little bit of a break.  Well, as much of a break as it can be since they still have the 2 year old with them, but still, it lightens the load.

(I will refer to my nephew as B.B. for purposes of this blog, since he is Bacon’s son, he’ll be Bacon Bit.) Read the rest . . .

“All I got in this world is my balls and my word and I don’t break either of ’em for nobody!”



To my regular readers, I’m sure you immediately noticed the change in the layout of the blog.  You can blame yesterdays post on that.  It was a really image intensive post and pretty much nothing I did with it made me happy as far as the layout of the pics, and the fact that the larger pics got cut off on the sides pissed me off.  I needed something that had a wider content space.  I got an email from WordPress not long ago about one of their “new” themes and it caught my eye.  This would be it.  The more I look at it, the more I like it better.

The header image, well, that is still up in the air.  I’ll come to a permanent decision on that pretty much never.  This is why I made it through the Marine Corps and 42 years of life without ever getting a tattoo.  I can’t make a decision on anything I want that’s permanent, and this blog is young, so I foresee many changes coming in the future. Read the rest . . .