I have a Twitter hater now – I’m somebody!


Not much happened this weekend, but a lot did too.  I’ve been doing some “behind the scenes” tweaks here and there for the blog like getting some junk cleared out to lighten the amount of space I’m taking up on my server and did pretty good since I cut about 2/3 of that used space down.  I had collected a lot of junk and multiple copies of the same image and images I just plain didn’t use anymore and cleaning all that out dropped that server space down considerably.

As in, I have 1000MB of space on my server and I was already using 909MB of it.  I now have it down to 256MB and my blog isn’t broken, so I’m calling it a solid win.  I also upgraded to the newest version of WordPress while having a panic attack over all the BACKUP ALL YOUR SHIT FIRST warnings and still came out unbroken, so it was a behind the scenes win all around. Read the rest . . .

The nut doesn’t fall far from the, uh . . . nut place

Warning I have issues Neon Light Sign

I’ve spent the last few days bashing my father and included a few other family members in yesterdays post, so I thought I’d turn the tables today and the point the finger at myself a little bit.  As much as I hate to ruin the vision of perfection that you all have of me (let me have the dream, huh?!), I’ve got quite a few quirks of my own that a most people find bizarre.  Some of them are even attractive to the opposite sex . . . until they have to live with it then apparently it’s grounds for divorce.

No, dear brother, I do not need your help with this.  Just sit over there and shut it. Read the rest . . .