The Next Delusion – My First Guest Post

I hardly know where to begin because I am thrilled to have my very first guest poster, or posters, as it were!  In my recent quests to expand my “circle of peeps”, I came across Cassandra and Momus’ blog, The Next Delusion.  It’s unique in that they write it as a team and their back and forth banter never fail to entertain me.  One of my favorite features they do is called “Thursday Throwdown” and if you haven’t caught it up to this point, I highly recommend that you do.  I asked them to stop in today and tell us about themselves, their blog and how they do it.  Before I completely ruin it and tell you all about it myself and be wrong, I’ll let them get to it.

Ladies and gentlemen (he said ironically), welcome Cassandra and Momus! Read the rest . . .