Oh please, tell me how you really feel


I’m just going to make this quick tonight and try something new.  I’ve been at this for a few weeks now and I’ve hit several different topics along the way.  Starting out is always a bit slow, but I’ve got some regulars and I want to know which stuff is making you come back and which stuff you are sharing with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or whichever. Read the rest . . .

I’ll edit in the title later . . . when I remember what the hell it was


I’ve noticed this memory thing happening lately.  I’ve always had a weird memory.  Numbers seem to be the magical thing.  Numbers and lists.  Those things I can memorize in a nearly freakish way.  I remember the phone number for the house I lived in as a child.  It was in New York and we moved out of that house and down to North Carolina when I was 8.  Why I still remember that number, I have no idea but I can spout it off in the same sing-song way I did way back then. Read the rest . . .

It’s a wonder any of us lived


I watch my 16 year old, Tiger, head out to do his 16 year old things and it makes me think, “Damn, I hope he gets as lucky as I did and manages to live through the retarded years.”  People complain about the internet and video games and cell phones and all the conveniences our kids have now.  “All he does is sit in the house and play that damn game all day!” They say.

Enjoy it people.  You know where your kids are and what they are doing.  Yes, they are still retarded and probably doomed to stay that way, but at least they are contained.  We were less fortunate.  We actually had to leave the house to express our inner retard, and it was frequently life threatening.  I don’t know how any of us survived our teenage years, or our early 20’s for that matter. Read the rest . . .