Opticynicism is BACK! 3 years later and still badass!!


Yeah I am!  Totally not picking up right where I left off because, well . . . 3 years and stuff.

I spent the last couple of days doing some trimming and editing and cleaning things up in preparation for the re-introduction.  One of the things I decided NOT to do was delete the last post, Times, they are a changin’.  I did that intentionally so you could check it out, read what I was planning to do and then come back to this post 3 years later so you could see that none o’ that shit happened. Read the rest . . .

This is the blog your mother warned you about


Yep, that’s right kids.  I started a blog.


It’s something several of my friends have asked me to do, and something I’ve thought about doing for a few years now, but just never got around to it.  Life has a tendency of getting in the way . . . of itself.  So I finally dove in and told one of my friends about it in this riveting Facebook chat we had last night: Read the rest . . .