Episode 2 – Ambien and Emails: A Public Service Announcement

Take at bedtime
When, exactly, did they think I was going to take it?

Learn what happens when you use and abuse this magical sleeping medication.  It’s funny while also being a tad bit scary at the same time.  If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some, consider yourself special because the doctors are clutching this stuff like it’s some rare element. The Opticynicism Blogcast continues!

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This is me telling the story that originally posted as my second entry ever on Opticynicism.  After you listen, go check out the original here!

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Insomnia with Eric


Yeah, it’s four in the morning and I’m up.  I have to leave for work in two hours.  I haven’t been to sleep.  At all.

It’s gonna be a great day.

I have no reason or excuse for it.  Things are going pretty damn well.

I’m not feeling depressed.  Things with Denise are amazing and I’m gonna get to see her again in a couple weeks.  Work is going well although I wish they would get their shit together and get me in the position I’m supposed to be in soon, but it’s the Federal Government and they don’t do anything in a hurry so I’m not really stressed about it. Continue reading “Insomnia with Eric”

Stuff is no longer broken

Like, totally my bad.
Like, totally my bad.

So I stayed up all fuckin’ night because I had no idea just HOW broken the blog was.

I also figured out that I’m the one that broke it.  Well, sorta.

At any rate, pretty much every image in every post that I made prior to last week was a broken link.  Which it wasn’t, to begin with when I originally switched to my own host.

There were no pics in any posts.  None.  Zero. Read the rest . . .

The nut doesn’t fall far from the, uh . . . nut place

Warning I have issues Neon Light Sign

I’ve spent the last few days bashing my father and included a few other family members in yesterdays post, so I thought I’d turn the tables today and the point the finger at myself a little bit.  As much as I hate to ruin the vision of perfection that you all have of me (let me have the dream, huh?!), I’ve got quite a few quirks of my own that a most people find bizarre.  Some of them are even attractive to the opposite sex . . . until they have to live with it then apparently it’s grounds for divorce.

No, dear brother, I do not need your help with this.  Just sit over there and shut it. Read the rest . . .

You’re gonna have a baby! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


I’ve been holding off on a post for a little while because it contains some news that a buddy of mine didn’t want to get out until his whole family had heard first.  He says this like anyone in his family reads this.  Anyway, here it is.  My buddy Nick and his wife are going to have a baby!  It’s their first!

Every parent reading this just made a collective, “Oh those poor bastards”!

I just recently found out that another buddy of mine and his, um, girlfriend/cohabitant/commonlaw wife/sister (I’m not sure how things work in Vermont) are also going to have a baby.  Tom is a little different in that he already has a 8 year old daughter so he kinda sorta knows what is coming, except they found out they’re having a boy so he really has no idea what he’s in for at all. Read the rest . . .

Ambien and Emails: A Public Service Announcement


Unless you haven’t got around to reading my tagline, I have issues with sleep.  It avoids me like I have the plague (not yet proven), and quite frankly, I’m not often seeking it out either (sleep, nor the plague).  I’m one of those people that is quite comfortable being alone.  One of the best times to find myself alone is at 3:00 in the morning.  Now that I’m living in a mountainous area of the country, I can stand out on the back porch and look out on all the darkened houses that are unfortunate enough to be below me and whisper quietly to myself:  “Buncha Pussies.  You can’t hang.” Read the rest . . .

This is the blog your mother warned you about


Yep, that’s right kids.  I started a blog.


It’s something several of my friends have asked me to do, and something I’ve thought about doing for a few years now, but just never got around to it.  Life has a tendency of getting in the way . . . of itself.  So I finally dove in and told one of my friends about it in this riveting Facebook chat we had last night: Read the rest . . .