Three rights do not a left make

I NEED this!!
I NEED this!!

Had a bit of a busy day yesterday.  Well, busy and kind of long.  Had several appointments at the VA and that pretty much shot the afternoon, but I’m not here to talk about my psychological issues today.

Or maybe I am, depends on how you look at it.

I’m going to talk about driving.

Because we all think we are the only one on the road that knows how to and therefore the reason God gave us a middle finger. Read the rest . . .

Adventures in Mohell 6

This may have been a better option.
This may have been a better option.

With things swinging back into relative blogging normalcy once again, I’ve promised on a couple of occasions to tell you of my hotel adventures on my drive from Colorado to Florida.

Let me start by telling you that I’m not what you’d call a “hotel snob”.  I’ve stayed in everything from a 5 star “kiss my ass” $600 a night room in South Beach Miami to a $25 a night joint that the people at the end of exit ramps begging for money are trying to stay in.

My requirements are few:

  • It should be clean
  • It should have a bed, with clean sheets
  • It should have a TV
  • I should have a shower
  • It should have towels

Read the rest . . .

Save me some time and combine the misery

This isn't too far off of my mindset right now.
This isn’t too far off of my mindset right now.

Now that things seem to be settling down a little bit, at least with the website at least, I’m gonna try to get back to the funneh.  So let me tell you a little bit about the experiences I’ve been going through since my arrival in Florida.

First things first, let me express my gratitude to my great friend Liz who has provided me with a roof over my head, food and invaluable assistance in making my way through the VA system.

A system which is neither efficient nor quick.  It also lacks any semblance of common fucking sense.  You see, I’m going through them to get my treatment for depression, my vision (or lack thereof) and some anxiety (both pre-existing and actually being caused by the system and the Florida DMV) and my otherwise general health. Read the rest . . .

The future of Opticynicism is in your hands . . . sort of


I’ve spent hours trying to come up with a layout for this blog that I’m happy with.

I’m kinda, sorta happy with this one but I’ve run across one problem.

The color scheme.

So I did what anyone else would do.  I made them all.

Unfortunately, they have not come up with a way for me to allow the reader to choose the scheme of his/her/its liking.  So here is what I’m gonna do. Read the rest . . .

Indecision is my life, and this site proves it


As you may have noticed, unless you are a complete idiot . . .

and you’re here, so that is a distinct possibility . . .

the website has undergone a massive change in appearance.

Because that’s just how I am.  I figured that it’s been 3 years, it’s a new start and things probably ought to look new.  Now, before I go making the statement that this is it, this is the look I have been searching for for years, lemme just start by saying . . . probably not. Read the rest . . .

Ok, I’ve had a shitty day . . . or two

Seriously, I got nothing.  I’d describe it but it looks miniscule and my peeps make me look stupid.

… and they would be right to do so.

I have a post I’ve been working on but can’t focus.  I have my friends in my mind and I don’t forget them.  Yeah, I made fun of the hurricane, she was a bitch, fuck her.

Good bye Irene.

On the positive note, my son proved his worthiness in the “Waechter volume of comedy worthiness tonight”.  I love that kid.  Can’t imagine where he gets that sense of humor from.

That’s my boy!

We saw this coming, and I’m not talking about Irene


I saw it, every one of you that read my post the other day saw it, Emo-Boy cashier at the convenience store saw it . . . everyone but my father saw it.

My mother’s dance of happiness in the kitchen the other night was not in vain.  Friday morning they awoke to a wet kitchen floor and a warm refrigerator.  It could take no more and apparently was ready to give me the satisfaction of putting a final chapter on this saga.  The refrigerator was dead and it was going to stay that way this time.  Luckily it went out with some class and simply defrosted onto the floor, because my father paid no mind to the story I relayed to him from a good friend of mine who had lost an entire family of close relatives to a house fire that was ignited by a faulty refrigerator.  That wouldn’t happen to him because he’s too smart for that. Read the rest . . .

Imminent natural devastation, do you have enough vodka?

Infared satellite photo of Hurricane Irene at the time of this writing, and my proximity to it.

Settle down, folks.  It’s just a little breezy.

I’m getting a little tired of the hype over this thing.  We’ve been through dozens of hurricanes and come out on the other side just a little bit wet.  Sure, sometimes they are are pretty severe and they do a lot of damage, but the fact of the matter is, they aren’t going anywhere.  There will always be hurricanes, and if we were really all that worried about the long term effect they have on our lives, Kansas and Nebraska would be seriously fucking over-populated. Read the rest . . .