I was denied access to the A-List


Surfing through my AT&T account last night on the web, I was looking for a way to change my calling plan a bit.  For one thing, I’d noticed that my bill had been about $25 a month more the last couple of months than it had been for the previous 1+ years.  I was also in search of an alternate “minutes” plan or something that would help out with the extraordinary increase in minutes that we’ve been using lately.

I’ve had a 700 minute a month plan that I shared with my son, Tiger, since I got the phones for us and up until now that has been more than plenty.  In fact, I had pretty close to 5000 minutes stored up in the rollover minutes because we mostly texted.  Then Tiger’s girlfriend happened.  And we fried 700 minutes in the first 4 days of the billing cycle.  Thank God for the rollovers. Read the rest . . .