Bucket list of the damned

After yesterdays post, I found it a little difficult to find a proper segue from the serious back to the funny.  It wasn’t easy, but in the end I think it’s the way Mr. Williams would have gone with it.

So, given the recent look at mortality I’ve had to take, I thought I’d take a moment to share a few things I’ve got on my bucket list.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with what a bucket list is, it is a list of things that we want to accomplish before we die.  For those of you that are familiar, I apologize for insulting your intelligence.

So here goes.  Consider this kind of a fucked up “Top 20 Thursday” in no particular order: Read the rest . . .

Top 20 Tuesday for July 19th, 2011: That’s not funny, sir!


After getting some great feedback on my last post giving you a brief glimpse into my military experience, I thought I’d expand on the flight aspect of the time for this weeks Top 20 list.  I appreciate all the great comments and all of you that are spreading the love around!

So lemme skip the windbagging and get right to it.  For your twisted pleasure here is: Read the rest . . .