It Ain’t A Party Until Shit Gets Broke


Thank you to all of you who have been Tweeting and Facebooking and all that stuff about where my site went.  It’s here.  It’s back.  A little worse for wear, but I’m working on it.  Some things are broken but I’m piecing it back together a little bit at a time, but lemme tell ya what happened.  Because nothing is better than a tragic moving story, right?

It’s all for a good cause.  Remember that thing I brought up about becoming a reseller for web hosting and domain sales?  Yep, that’s a thing that is happening and this little bit of down time was a step in the direction of making that a reality.

You see, up until a few days ago, I had four sites running on four different blocks of webspace.  This one, my much neglected side hobby F-Bomb Psychology, my gaming forum that is much in need of participants if anyone is interested, CandiedSkull and a little project we have going for Stephanie that I’ll leave anonymous until she is ready to make that more public.

Now, with the reseller account, all my stuff is in one place.  One BIG place that I can now sell other pieces of to make room for all you guys and gals that want to self host!  

I’ll also be able to sell you your domain name, but that requires a little bit of money I can’t spare at this second but I’m working on that in the next week or two as well.  *cough* *donation link* *in the sidebar* *cough* *discounts for donors program* *cough*

Sorry.  Had a little something in my throat there.  I have to buy a new screen for my laptop so I can post in a more portable manner and that cut in to my Christmas funds.

At any rate . . .

What had happened was . . .

During the move, something went awry with Opticynicism.  You see, I’m kind of a plug-in hoarder.  For those of you unfamiliar with plug-ins, they are little additions to the blogging software that lets you do extra shit like “sliders”.  That would be the cool thing on my homepage that slides pictures in a timed sequence allowing you to make a “visual menu” where each picture is a different link.  Another plug-in allows me to make my homepage three columns instead of one.

Well, especially when I first start setting up a blog, I install and play with a bunch of plug-ins.  Some I end up using, some I don’t.  The problem is, I apparently have an issue with deleting old plug-ins off the server that I’m not using.  It was kind of cluttered in there.  When the site was moved, one of them broke and made shit go all haywire.

And this caused the white screen of nothingness that everyone, including me, was getting.

And last night, my super awesome host dude dedicated a few hours of his much deserved Friday night to hunting down the issue and making it work again.  This, folks, is the kind of service I have continuously received from this guy for the last 10 years and makes me glad to be a reseller for him.

And now (ok, well soon), you too will be able to self-host your blogs through me with the very same excellent service!


The site is all fixed now and you can see it again, obviously.  The only drawbacks from it was the plug-ins that I WAS using that I’m slowly putting back into place and the last post about Mental Switches went all gone along with all the comments.  FORTUNATELY, I had already printed it along with all the comments before I went to see the shrinker of heads and I still had it in MS Word, so I put the post back.  I’ll put the comments back too, but it will probably look a little odd because I’m going to have to do that manually.

There were a few comments that got hacked off the Black and Blue Saturday post too but I don’t have access to those anymore, but all in all, the damage was minimal and reversable and I have no complaints.

Better to lose a few comments than well over 100 posts (because somewhere in the process of trying to figure this out, I managed to delete the ONLY 2 backups of the website!).  Live and learn and now I’m gonna have backups in about 6 places.

I’m back and I’ve got some studying to do on the reseller thing, so my posts may roll a little thin for a while.  It’s all for a good cause, and I KNOW I have been slack lately on commenting on all your blogs, but I’ve been there and you’re all still awesome and I’ll be back commenting again real soon!

Thanks, ya’ll . . . for being here!  You make this worth it all!

Tweet of the Day is going to Abby at AbbyHasIssues.  She’s had a rough few days and has been a little down.  She has brought so much laughter and fun to all of us, we need to give a little back.  Go see her and give her a smile.  Thanks, Abby!!



I need to give a shout out, because they deserve it


I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into getting the blog back together, moved, reconfigured, reinstalled, themed and somewhere in the midst of all that, writing a post or two.

First of all, I am FUCKING ECSTATIC to be free of the confines of

I thank them for their help in getting me started three years ago, but damn you for tying my hands behind my back when I finally figured out what I was doing.

And now here I am on my own host.  Well, it’s not mine, it belongs to somebody else, but that’s what the shout out is about. Read the rest . . .