Some DMV Success – I know, it sounds like an oxymoron to me too

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I took a couple days off from writing.  I probably needed the break.

More importantly, you probably needed the break.

So I did a whole bunch of nothing on Sunday and Monday we went to a new friends house for some Labor Day barbecuin’.  Well, new friends to me – Liz has known them forever.  Now we have a fridge full of leftover chicken, ribs, sausage, potato salad and some other stuff.  I think we’re good in the food department for a few days.

Then there was today.  It started kind of early, but I had ALL of my shit together to go to the DMV and (fingers crossed) get that much sought after 10 day tag.  I carefully went through my stack of paperwork to make sure everything was in order and caught a ride over to the office. Read the rest . . .