This post has a picture of boobies in it!


Ok, so I changed the look of the blog again.  Don’t worry, someday I’ll settle on something I like and everything will be in the exact place I want it and be easy to find and it will be perfect.

Today is not that day.

Although I would be quite pleased with the look of the last theme combined with the functionality of this one.

Or something with boobies on it.  “Click the nipple to see my Top 10 posts!”  It would be filled with awesome and I would be the first person ever to be banned from WordPress.  Then I’d get a FOX news interview with the Go The Fuck To Sleep children’s book guy talking about how we just say out loud what we’re thinking.  We’d then be countered by some other guy accusing us  of racism or terrorism or getting in the Express Lane with more than 20 items and I’d be controversial.  People would surf the net looking for archived screenshots of my boobie blog and I would be famous! Read the rest . . .