F@#$ You Friday! It’s going viral.

Words just can’t express.


We’re big, we’re bad and we’re totally full of shit!  A couple of days ago, Tazer and I threw down the “Fuck you” gauntlet and she invited me to a showdown on her “Fuck You Friday” feature to see who could outfuck the other one.

That’s totally not how that was supposed to sound. Read the rest . . .

Top 20 Tuesday for July 5th, 2011: Craigslist Leftovers


Today was one of those days.  By the time I realized it was Tuesday and it was a Top 20 day, it was after lunch and I pretty much had nothing for an idea.  Then I had a great idea and started in on it and got halfway through it and decided it was complete garbage.  Well, not complete garbage, but it was gonna require more thought than I could put into it in a single afternoon so it’s been shipped into Draft Folder Purgatory for when I’m feeling slightly more witty.

On top of that, after the past few days of the Craigslist Personals Social Experiment and the success that it brought with it, I’m feeling a little pressure.  I’d hate to think that I peaked with Craigslist.  It’s enough to make one want to kick puppies.  So when I turned to my friends on my Facebook Opticynicism Fan Page and asked for some suggestions . . . nobody said anything.  The place was all like, crickets and tumbleweeds and shit.  Not a single one of the 10 people that like me suggested anything. Read the rest . . .

The Craigslist results are in: Chicks rule, Dudes drool


(If you’re new here and got linked directly to this post, please read Part 1 and Part 2 of this experiment so that this one doesn’t explode your brain and make you all, “WTF is he talking about?!”)

After much plotting and scheming and finally a re-write of my original ad, D is for Deviant managed to get my personal ad posted on Craigslist for me yesterday.  We still have no idea what allowed them to post this one and not the other one, but here is the ad that finally made it: Read the rest . . .

The People of Craigslist: and you thought the people of WalMart were bad

Given this pic, the hell with Craigslist!
Given this pic, the hell with Craigslist!

A post like yesterday’s obviously wouldn’t be complete without a follow-up, so in case you missed it, you may want to go back and check it out before you get into this one.

While my own attempt at the CPSE (Craigslist Personals Social Experiment) has thus far failed due to a seemingly random screening policy, my friend D’s attempt brought us more than we could have hoped for.  There was so much to work with, in fact, that I’ve had to strip it down to the top 10 responses in the interest of length. Read the rest . . .

Craigslist, and other reasons we’re doomed . . .


I’ve been bad and not made a post for 2 days.  Normally this probably wouldn’t be so bad but it comes just 3 days after I promised myself I would make a post every day to get myself in the habit, and if I can’t keep a promise to myself then it must be New Year’s Day.

In reality, I had some relatives down from New York and we did a bunch of touristy shit and ate way too much and this causes lethargy and lack of motivation. Read the rest . . .