I’m already tired of your shit, Irma!

There is nothing more annoying than preparing and planning and getting yourself all revved up for a new, maybe even life-changing adventure and having it completely screwed with by a new, maybe even life-changing catastrophic event.

This coming weekend was the intended release of our first podcast episode for Brick Wit House and Hurricane Irma is trying to . . . rain on my parade.


I’m sure by now most of you know I live in Florida.  Tampa to be precise and I’ve indicated my current location on the image above with a little purple dot.  (For those of you who have shitty monitors or are colorblind, it’s on the west side of the state, about halfway up.)

We may still record Episode 001 tomorrow (Friday) night.  We’re going to sit down and get our yap on in front of the mics tomorrow night.  Being the first episode and the general “off the cuff” approach we plan on taking with it, I’m sure there is going to be a large amount of editing that needs to be done to have it in any kind of shape to lay at iTunes feet for their approval.

Knowing that our little Irma Shitshow starts early Sunday morning in our part of the state, that may delay the release of the episode until well into next week or later.

Hell, we don’t even know if we’ll have power after Sunday, or for how long we’ll be without it.  Some areas of the state may be without power for months even, according to some predictions.

I’m going to stay here in Tampa although I’m not sure where yet.  There are three shelters within a couple of miles of me which may very well be where I end up.  Unless the storm slows down considerably between now and then, staying in the house I live in is not an option.

This storm is unquestionably dangerous and definitely of historical proportions, so while I will maintain my sense of humor about the situation as I am naturally inclined to do, by no means take that as an indication that I do not understand the scope and seriousness of the situation for everyone here in Florida and in particular those down in the Miami area that will take the full force of this storm right in the face.  I genuinely fear for what will be left behind in Miami on Monday morning.

For those of you that don’t live down here and are looking forward to hearing our premier, it’s coming and we are REALLY looking forward to recording it tomorrow night.  Hopefully, we’ll have an episode up that you can at least listen to from the website at www.brickwithouse.com even if it hasn’t cleared through the iTunes process yet.

Even with the delay, keep in mind that we are a bit preoccupied down here and I’ll probably have several posts written about the whole storm experience complete with pics in the next few weeks.

Follow us on Twitter @brickwithouse for regular updates about the storm and the episode.

Keep all of us in your thoughts this weekend as well as the people of Houston still trying to recover from Harvey.

(It just occurred to me that the only other time I have written about being in a hurricane, it was the same alphabetical storm 6 years ago . . . Hurricane Irene)