My friends are the best . . . and sort of creepy


Yes!  I changed the blog theme yet again.  I’m actually much happier with this one than I was last night.  I think you will be too.  Except for Tom.  He’s a pain in the ass.  I was all excited about finding an acceptable theme, it’s dark like I wanted, has all the proper navigation I was looking for.  Not too shabby for the free version of WordPress.  It’s even pretty damned customizable as far as the free themes go, so I was pleased.  So I, of course, told my best buddy, Tom and I was all “Dude!  Total blog theme WIN!  I got this, Yo!”

and he was all, “ummmmmmmmmmm, eh”

“Oh, no!  Please tell me what I can do to make it even better still, Tom!”  I said. Read the rest . . .