I was denied access to the A-List


Surfing through my AT&T account last night on the web, I was looking for a way to change my calling plan a bit.  For one thing, I’d noticed that my bill had been about $25 a month more the last couple of months than it had been for the previous 1+ years.  I was also in search of an alternate “minutes” plan or something that would help out with the extraordinary increase in minutes that we’ve been using lately.

I’ve had a 700 minute a month plan that I shared with my son, Tiger, since I got the phones for us and up until now that has been more than plenty.  In fact, I had pretty close to 5000 minutes stored up in the rollover minutes because we mostly texted.  Then Tiger’s girlfriend happened.  And we fried 700 minutes in the first 4 days of the billing cycle.  Thank God for the rollovers. Read the rest . . .

Please, God, tell me my real father was actually the mailman.


I seriously considered not writing this post at all because you have to be growing weary of the “dad” stories, so I asked some of my regulars if they were getting tired of it.  The responses I got were positive so I decided to go for it.  My favorite response was from Tom (AKA: Zippy if you also read through the comments to my posts).

“That shit is like boobies and pussy.  You never get tired of looking at it and you always want more!”

I never tire of his eloquence. Read the rest . . .