A post to tell you I’m not posting

Because that’s just how I roll.  It’s my day of birthing and I’m being taken out to dinner in Clearwater, but fear not . . . the weekend antics of those I’m going out with will probably make the evening blogworthy.  Because that’s how they roll.

Also, I’m now cool like @jeffingoff because Liz got me this for my birthday . . .


So now I just gotta work on the forlorn look while I sip Notpumpkin Spice Latte.


That is all.

See ya’s this weekend!!

Friday Night Twitter: The Red Light District


I promised you a post involving The Boy and what we are going to make him cook.  I’m not going to back out of that promise, but I am going to be postponing it until Tuesday.  Plans kind of changed this week and it became a necessity to delay the event until Monday night, but it’s okay.  We’re not going to let him skate that easily.  Instead, everyone is away this weekend but me.  Liz is taking a much needed break and has gone off to Louisiana to attend the LSU game and let her friend get her drunk and make her feel better.  Her shitty Thursday was so shitty that it actually infected Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with its shittiness, so she needed the break.  Girl and Boy are also away for the weekend doing their Girl and Boy things, which left me alone in the house for a couple days.  So I started off the weekend with what people of my age do on a Friday night with the house to themselves. Read the rest . . .