I have an OFFICIAL Parental Advisory!

Yep, we did it!  Episode 1 of Brick Wit House is up and on display for all the world to hear!  We got approved on iTunes on Sunday, Stitcher on Tuesday and today we went up on Google Play.  Everything is falling right in line and Leo and I are already discussing the topic for Episode 2.

Admittedly, Episode 1 is kind of all over the place and fairly disorganized, I think it came out ok being that we were just trying to get it done before Irma did whatever she was gonna do around here and we had a hell of a good time recording it, but we’ve promised ourselves to stick to just a subject or two with each episode.

As for Irma, I personally came out pretty damn lucky.  I spent Sunday night in a shelter and it was quite the experience which I’d love to tell you ALL about, but I don’t want to ruin Episode 2 of our podcast, because I’ll describe it in fine detail there.

The storm came through here late Sunday night/early Monday morning and I didn’t hear a thing.  Upon waking up Monday morning, things didn’t look too bad out there so I went on home to find no damage and still had electricity.  As I said, pretty damn lucky.

That’s not to say nothing happened.  Somehow or another they decided that we should go back to work on Tuesday, which meant I got to drive a truck around St. Petersburg to see what happened on the coastal side.  As of this writing (Thursday Night) there are still a lot of people without power out that way and a whole lot of traffic lights were out even up until today.  Of course, a lot of the stuff I took out to deliver ended up coming back because businesses without power tend to stay closed.

I’ve seen several large trees that were downed and a few fences blown to pieces, but by and large, not really as much as I would have expected to see.  I haven’t seen a lot of flooding at this point and honestly, St Pete looks REALLY good considering what we thought we were looking at on Friday.

I can’t speak for the further South areas of the state, but I know from people that I am friends with down that way that everyone seems to have come out alright in the Miami and Sarasota areas too.  Some are only just getting their power back, but they seem to be in otherwise pretty good shape.

The Keys and USVI on the other hand seem to have been absolutely destroyed, but I’m going to leave the damage reports for those areas to someone more qualified and informed than I.  My thoughts are with everyone down that way.

Moving forward, I’m looking forward to doing a lot more work on the podcast.  I want to keep using this blog as my personal outlet and make Brick Wit House be a separate entity.  I did add a box in the sidebar on the right ———–> where you can listen to the most recent episode of the podcast right from here, but I hope you all will come and subscribe at the podcast listening device of your choice and at the Brick Wit House website.

Most importantly, if you have iTunes, please, please, PLEASE come over there and give us a 5 star review . . . even if you don’t listen to it on iTunes, but you have an iTunes account, take a few minutes to come over there and give us a 5 star review and it will help us get more and more visible to attract more and more listeners.

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On our next episode, we’re going to talk about the aftermath of Irma and then get into Social Anxiety and how it has effected both of us.  Subscribe and come join us!!

The Podcast, The Move and The Comedy

[This was too long to be a caption for that picture:  Once again, this image has nothing to do with the post, but I took this pic from my truck the other day. I delivered an engine (for a Bentley) to the Bentley/Rolls Royce/McLaren dealership .  (Yeah, we fucking have one of those here) That is a Ferrari parked next to that McLaren. There is more money in that picture than I have earned in my entire life.  Also, the value on the Bentley engine listed on the invoice . . . $40,000.  That’s just the engine.]

As things have done SO many times since I started this blog just over 6 years ago, they are changing.  Sometimes things have become better, sometimes worse . . . a couple of relationships have come and gone, but in the end, I’m alive.  Sober and alive, which, in and of itself, is a victory.

The search for a new home continues.  It has been a difficult and disappointing search because “can’t afford shit” doesn’t look too good on an application and I’ve been to a couple of places where they were clearly out of their fucking mind.

I looked at a place this morning and as the person showing it to me was walking me into the neighborhood, she actually said, “Keep an open mind.”

As it turned out, it was a freakin’ RV.  A one bedroom RV, with zero room for furniture and a bed that God knows who has slept in . . . or whatever.  The price for this opportunity of a lifetime?  $235

A week.

A fucking week.

$940 a month to live, basically, in a big vehicle.

I should have just turned around when she told me to keep an open mind.

Another place I visited, I actually did leave before I even saw anything.  Upon my arrival, there was a woman in the office screaming about her repeated attempts to get somebody to do something about the RATS that were eating holes in her children’s clothes.

Yeah, Peace out, Bitches.

All hope is not lost, though.  I am going tomorrow to look at a ROOM for rent in a house shared with one other person.  Decent price, with access to washer/dryer, kitchen, large living room, nice big yard, screened in back porch . . . basically I get to live in a pretty decent house, I just have to put up with a roommate.  It’s about a mile from where I am right now, nice area, and my commute to work only changes by a mile.  Despite not being the ideal situation I was looking for, it is certainly the one I feel the best about.  It’s quiet and it is my understanding that the roommate isn’t there very much, and most importantly, it has internet included.

[Edit:  (Sunday afternoon) I went to see this place this morning and I took it, because it’s friggin’ PERFECT!  It’s a nice house, the room is pretty big, it’s very quiet and private there and most importantly, the roommate is an over-the-road trucker and is rarely there, so 90% of the time, I’ll have the whole damn house to myself anyway.  Also, no rats or mystery mattresses.  It has been a HUGE relief to me as I was stressing more and more as time was running out.  Thanks to all of you who sent your well wishes and thoughts!]

Which is important because . . .

The Podcast is very, VERY close to be a real live thing that happens all the time!!

Equipment has been gathered.  Ideas have been discussed.  There is a plan in full motion.

Most importantly, and the reason most of you are here at this point because I teased your asses on Facebook . . . the podcast has a name.

I asked for help from my friends, and they came up with some really good ones, but as they often do, great ideas come to me as I travel the roads of Saint Petersburg in my big ass truck, and it did.

When I got home, I searched the internet to see if it had been used as I felt like I couldn’t possibly have got lucky enough to have thought of something original.

No Podcast had ever had the name.

No former Podcast had ever had the name.

No website had the name.

No blog had the name.

Google search came up with  . . .


So, I came to two conclusions.

  • I had come up with some seriously genius shit that nobody had ever thought of and this was a sign from the various Gods of your choosing of the upcoming new and groundbreaking shit that was about to happen, OR
  • I had come up with the lamest shit ever in recorded history that was, in fact, so lame that Google wouldn’t waste its time on it and would rather spend more time on stuff like “why does my penis do that thing now that I have put a tattoo on it”.

At that point, I took the Twitter handle, Instagram account, Facebook page, and yeah, you got it . . . the fucking DOMAIN and snatched it all up.  The domain now belongs to me, it is up and it has a page you can visit already.


Ok, fine. . . .


See what I did there?

Thinking back on what symbolizes comedy for me, one recurring theme was the brick wall that comics so often stand in front of, an image brought to most of us by “An Evening at the Improv” and has been followed by many clubs since, so the “Brick” part made complete sense.  Since both Leo and myself are aspiring Stand-Up comics, and at the very least, just funny motherfuckers, this is where I see us.  (I’m jealous of his proximity to one of my favorite places on earth, Charlie Goodnight’s Comedy Club in Raleigh, NC . . . as I’m sure he probably wouldn’t mind having several instances of The Improv like I have here in Florida.)

The word “Brick” led me in a couple of directions, one of them being Pink Floyd, who are awesome, but not even a little bit funny.

Then “Brick Shit House” hit me . . . and do you know, between Leo and I, which one of us is built like a brick shit house?


So the overflowing irony of our old, flabby asses being in this particular house was too much to ignore.

. . . and Brick Wit House was born.

I threw that image together yesterday, and I like it, but I may run into copyright issues with the background image, so if there is anyone that wants to volunteer their graphical services to come up with something less . . . illegal, I’d appreciate all the help I can get.  I believe I’ve already stated my “can’t afford shit” status, so voluntary is well within my budget.

Honestly, at this point, I think the image would be more accurate if it was a table with two boom mics, mixer and laptop with some headphones in front of a brick wall, but who am I to be picky.

[By the way, anyone willing to offer their services in this matter will, of course, get credit given on the website, twitter, instagram and live via the podcast . . . I will most certainly brag on your ass and bring you business if I can.]

Enough begging.

Just so you all know that I am capable of brevity when necessary, let me summarize my last 1000 words like this:

I may have a new place to live.

My podcast has a name and I like it.

Let me end on this . . . if you love me . . . and I KNOW you do . . . connect with the podcast on your social medias at the following:

Twitter:  @brickwithouse

Facebook:  Brick Wit House

Instagram:  brickwithouse

and the webpage:  www.brickwithouse.com

I can not WAIT to see where this goes!

One of my favorite things to do in the whole world is to entertain people and make them laugh.  Just having stuck by this blog for the last 6 years is proof enough because I have NEVER stuck by anything for 6 years with the attachment that I have to this blog and the people that read it.  If I could make people laugh for a living, then my dreams for the perfect life would come true.

I’m chasing that dream and I’m going to keep on chasing it.

Thank you to all of you that have followed along with me!

Dammit . . . I got something in my eye.

Comment, for Chrissakes!!