When good technology goes bad


If it is electronic, has to be charged and/or plugged in, provides me with contact with the outside world and cost me a paycheck or several, it turned its back on me this week.  To make matters worse, it all seemed to happen at one time.

Sometimes we have issues with our devices, and I totally expect it.  I’ve prepared myself for it by learning about them and what to do when things go wrong.  This week, they tested me.  I still don’t know if I failed or not because I don’t think the test is over yet. Read the rest . . .

F@#$ You Friday! It’s going viral.

Words just can’t express.


We’re big, we’re bad and we’re totally full of shit!  A couple of days ago, Tazer and I threw down the “Fuck you” gauntlet and she invited me to a showdown on her “Fuck You Friday” feature to see who could outfuck the other one.

That’s totally not how that was supposed to sound. Read the rest . . .