Before you vote in 2012, drink heavily


I’m gonna be brief tonight, for a couple of reasons.

For one thing, there is a fly in my house and he’s a total asshole.  I can’t kill him because he’s some kind of a ninja fly and he is immune to my Mister Miyagi chopsticks and he also has the ability to dematerialize just before coming in contact with a flyswatter, only to materialize again after it has passed.  This fly mocks me and I now have a mission tonight that requires I defeat him.  He’s also the loudest fly ever.  He also landed on the edge of my drink and I think I took a sip after he had done so from the same spot so I probably have salmonella now.  It is a poor excuse for slacking on the writing, but it’s not the only one which leads me to . . . Read the rest . . .