I’m giving a portable charger away, because I’m cool like that!!

myCharge Holiday Banner

Welcome to 2014!!  You’re attached to your phone all the damn time.

Ok, well, I am.  So is the idiot texting while driving down the middle lane of I-75 going 40 mph.

Hopefully that’s not you, but I know you all depend on your phones quite a bit.  It’s how we get our email, text messages, Facebook updates, Tweets, cry over our blog stats and get our sports scores.  We use it for everything. . . .

Everything but talk on the goddamn phone!!

So here’s the thing:  myCharge is gonna give you a portable charger.  For FREE, Yo!!

I know, you’re thinking there is a catch.  There isn’t.  I mean really . . . there isn’t.  All you need is a Twitter account, a mouse with a functional left-clicker and the ability to click it.


Simply go to your Twitter account and Retweet THIS TWEET!!

Follow them on Twitter @myChargePower and use the hashtag #myChargeCheer!!

That’s it.  That is all.  Period.  Done.  Give them a couple days and they will reply to your tweet with a Google form for you to put your address in and poof, you get a charger.

No pain, and still a gain!!  Like donuts without the guilt.

But wait . . . there’s more!!!

(I’ve waited so long to say that)

I am also giving away a myCharge Red Razor to one of you lucky people too!  Even if you don’t have a Twitter account!


The RazorPlus is a Rechargeable 3000 mAh battery that delivers an additional 13 hours of talk time for your smartphone. It’s crafted from anodized aluminum, and the ultra-thin RazorPlus comes in four colors: red, pink, blue and anodized aluminum (silver).

A $50 value if you buy one yourself . . . and I can prove it!!

If you just want to buy one though, myCharge is offering a 25% discount if you use the code: JOLLY

(iPhone, cord, dress, legs, shoes and unidentifiable fuckin’ blob not included.)

Also, I am sorry to say, this offer is good for my peeps in the United States of ‘Murica only.

So what do I need you to do to win it, you ask?  Good question.  It’s still pretty easy.

Simply use the subscription link in the sidebar to subscribe to Opticynicism, then leave a comment below telling me that you did so.  Already a subscriber?  Then leave a comment telling me that too!!  On Friday, 12/12/14, I will randomly draw from the people that commented (read:  sneeze on the screen and pick the commenter with the most snot) and I will give you this charger!!

STILL. NO. PANTS!!  I gets no easier than that!

Do it!!  Now!!

While I am being compensated for this giveaway, these things seriously rock.  They make classy work texts with my brother possible . . . .