Rumination with LEGO’s

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I get the privilege for the next week of having my 6 year old nephew around with us.  Every summer for the last couple of years, he has come up to the mountains because he enjoys the time here and it gives my brother and sister-in-law a little bit of a break.  Well, as much of a break as it can be since they still have the 2 year old with them, but still, it lightens the load.

(I will refer to my nephew as B.B. for purposes of this blog, since he is Bacon’s son, he’ll be Bacon Bit.) Read the rest . . .

Top 20 Tuesday for July 12, 2011: The importance of trauma in child-rearing


I’ve given my dad a pretty hard time the last few days, so let me take this opportunity to say . . . he’s pretty much been asking for it.  I’m going to sort of give it a rest today by including pretty much any family member that has caused my brother or I any permanent mental scars and put them together for my weekly Top 20 list.

As for my father in particular, if you followed yesterdays blog post, mom returned from her trip to Greensboro to take her friend to the airport . . . with a 16″ crack in the windshield from a thrown rock.  You get one guess how that went over with Pops.  I have only just now settled down below the level of blind rage at my father today, so I don’t think I could do another entry about him and be in the least bit funny at this time, so I’m gonna expand the horizon a little bit and try to let some funny back in. Read the rest . . .

Dysfunction is relative, and probably one of my relatives: Part III, Expense reporting a postage stamp


(If you’re just coming by for the first time, please be sure to check out Part I and Part II!  Ya know what, screw that!  Check out the whole damn blog!)

If you ever want to know where to get the cheapest possible deal on pretty much anything, let me set you up with my father.  If you can find it cheap on eBay, he can find it cheaper some-freakin-where.  You will notice that I said cheapest possible deal, not best possible deal.  For all the engineering type brains he did get, he is tremendously short-sighted when it comes to purchasing things.  Basically what that means is that rather than pay $100 for something that will last him a year, he’ll instead pay $10 for a cheaper version that will only last a month.  He sees $10 vs $100 rather than $100 per year vs $120 per year.  That is only the beginning. Read the rest . . .

Dysfunction is relative, and probably one of my relatives: Part II Engineering Stupid


Do the clicky thing here if you missed Part I yesterday . . .

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that my father is an electrical engineer.  This makes him very, very smart.  When it comes to electrical engineering.  He is retired from IBM and did all kinds of really important electrical engineering stuff while he was there.  He can make electronical stuff work as long as it is a power supply because that is what he built.  He made good money doing power supply electrical engineering electronical stuff.

It ends there. Read the rest . . .

You’re gonna have a baby! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


I’ve been holding off on a post for a little while because it contains some news that a buddy of mine didn’t want to get out until his whole family had heard first.  He says this like anyone in his family reads this.  Anyway, here it is.  My buddy Nick and his wife are going to have a baby!  It’s their first!

Every parent reading this just made a collective, “Oh those poor bastards”!

I just recently found out that another buddy of mine and his, um, girlfriend/cohabitant/commonlaw wife/sister (I’m not sure how things work in Vermont) are also going to have a baby.  Tom is a little different in that he already has a 8 year old daughter so he kinda sorta knows what is coming, except they found out they’re having a boy so he really has no idea what he’s in for at all. Read the rest . . .