Giving Opticynicism a Voice

By now a bunch of you have tuned in to my new podcast, Brick Wit House, and although we’re only 2 episodes in with the third one coming this weekend, so for it has been a whole bunch of fun and a really new experience that I knew I would enjoy, but didn’t know I was going to enjoy it this much.

Obviously, we need some work and there is a lot of room for improvement, but the only way we’re going to figure it out is to keep doing it and endure whatever criticism comes our way so that we can continue to improve and be the show that people want to listen to as soon as it comes out.

In that vein, I’ve felt like venturing out just a bit on my own and producing a show all by myself and I felt like the best way to do that would be to start with something that has already worked . . .

This blog!

I’m going to start by going back to day 1 of Opticynicism and start recording the most popular and well-received posts I’ve done, in my own voice and my own added commentary as I go.  While I will “read” the posts, you’ll actually get to hear them as they sounded in my head and get sidebars on what I was thinking at the time or didn’t add in order to keep the length shorter.

Fuck off.  I just heard all of you go, “That’s what you call SHORT you wordy bastard?!”

So yeah, I’m going to . . . not convert, because I’m going to continue to write my posts as I always have, but I’m also going to post an audio version to go along with it, and as my experience with it gets a little better, even a video version.  That way, you’ll have a choice to read my content the way you always have, or enjoy it as I actually hear it in my head as it makes its way to the page.

Like I said, I’m going to start off by recording some of my past posts, including the ones about my dad that you all seemed to enjoy so much and post them on my new Opticynicism Blogcast that I’ll release on all the avenues that Brick Wit House is on starting with iTunes.

We’re going to continue to do Brick Wit House, but working around our varying schedules makes getting the episodes recorded somewhat difficult with any kind of decent planning, so thus far, we’ve been sort of running off the cuff even though we attempted to have a topic last time.  We still wandered off as we tend to do, but all in all, I think Episode 2 came out pretty ok.

Like I said, we know we have a lot of room for improvement, and I think one of the ways I can work on that is to continue to work even on my own with some content that is already written.  In doing so, perhaps I can bring a little life back to Opticynicism as well by recycling some of the best material that drew the crowd to begin with.

Where I can, I’ll get the people involved in the posts to come in as guests if at all possible to even breathe some new life into the old posts.

I’m going to record the first couple posts/episodes between now and the weekend and look forward to having something you can enjoy as soon as this coming Monday!

Tell me what you think about the idea and tell me your favorite posts that you want to hear me tell you about on the podcasts.

The episodes will be considerably shorter than the hour-ish episodes we’re doing at BWH, but I’m going to make sure they are long enough to be worth the download and the entertainment you’ll get out of them because I’ll add a portion at the end of each podcast where I’ll go through the comments that were left.

It’s gonna be fun, ya’ll . . . and I’m looking forward to breathing some life back into this bad boy!!

Lemme hear from ya!!