Texas is about as close to hell as I care to get

I don’t think I’m ever getting out of here!

Well, I said I’d make a post each night of this trip, so here I am. And this is gonna be short.

This is also my pre-apology to anyone that lives in, used to live in or would like to live in, Texas.  Your state sucks like no other state has ever sucked.

And on top of that, the goddamn thing never ends.

I hit the state border at about 225 miles into my travels today.  I’m finally in a hotel in some kind of purgatory between Fort Worth and Dallas at 681 miles into my travel.  Apparently I have about 6000 more miles of Texas before I can finally escape it tomorrow. Read the rest . . .

See America in under 4 years: The Drunken Travel Guide


My time in the Marine Corps provided me with a unique opportunity to see the United States from an interesting perspective.  Being that I traveled around, not so much WITH the President of the US, but FOR him, I got to see pretty close to every major city in the country.  Quite a good handful of minor one’s as well.  You see, the plane (we referred to our helicopters as planes, I don’t know why, just stick with me here) I traveled with carried varying cargo depending on the event itself.  We went to whatever city the President was headed to about 2 to 3 days ahead of time, participated in whatever event the President was there for and then left the next morning to head off for the next destination.  The majority of the time we were there was work, but we did get usually a night of down time while there.  Or 9 nights, but that was rare. Read the rest . . .