Learning Leadership through Fear and Intimidation

Marine Corps drill instructor yells at recruit in Parris Island after wakeup.

Everybody that has ever been in the military just saw that title somewhere and clicked the link to get here.  Not necessarily because you’re interested, it’s just a learned response.  I understand.  I feel your pain because I’ve been there.  We, the American people, have the luxury of living behind the most powerful fighting force in the world and I’m about to break their secret right here in front of all of you.  All 10 of you (a vast improvement over the 2 of you I had 2 weeks ago).

When I was 18 my father used to tell me I should “put your [my] ass in the military”!  Yes, he was as kind and soft-hearted then as he is today.  I was convinced otherwise.  I would brush my hair out of my eyes, fiddle with the skull and crossbones earring that dangled from my ear and mumble out my “Whatever”.  (Yes, the earring dangled.  It was the 80’s and all our rock star role models wore more makeup than our girlfriends so back the hell off already!)  There was no way I was joining any damn military, and it damn sure wouldn’t have been the Navy as my father would have had it.  He was in the Navy, so apparently that was supposed to make it the best. Read the rest . . .

Top 20 Tuesday for July 12, 2011: The importance of trauma in child-rearing


I’ve given my dad a pretty hard time the last few days, so let me take this opportunity to say . . . he’s pretty much been asking for it.  I’m going to sort of give it a rest today by including pretty much any family member that has caused my brother or I any permanent mental scars and put them together for my weekly Top 20 list.

As for my father in particular, if you followed yesterdays blog post, mom returned from her trip to Greensboro to take her friend to the airport . . . with a 16″ crack in the windshield from a thrown rock.  You get one guess how that went over with Pops.  I have only just now settled down below the level of blind rage at my father today, so I don’t think I could do another entry about him and be in the least bit funny at this time, so I’m gonna expand the horizon a little bit and try to let some funny back in. Read the rest . . .

Will Smith is a Federal Holiday


Thank you!  All of you, who in the last couple of days have made my life complete by reading and passing around my last couple of posts on the Craigslist phenomenon.  This blog has been here for only a week and most of these things get off to a slow start, but those two posts quadrupled my followers in just a matter of less than 36 hours.  I have something I didn’t think I’d have this soon . . . readers that I don’t know!  My friends have passed this on to their friends and so on.  The seed has been planted and for that I am grateful.  Most importantly, thank you to my dear friend D.  Without you, that level of funny just wouldn’t have been possible. Read the rest . . .